August 23 2014

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The 411: Nadine and Adair of Tenoverten


When friends Nadine Ferber and Adair Ilyinsky noticed a dearth of, shall we say, a-step-above nail salons in their Tribeca neighborhood in 2010, they decided to go ahead and open their own. And thus was born Tenoverten, a project that was a slight departure for the owner of the forward-thinking West Village boutique Mick Margo and a financial analyst, respectively. But the response to the elegant little bastion of laid-back cool with its iPad stations and impressive polish roster (NARS, Chanel, et al., which are logged into a computer system lest you forget the name of your favorite shade) has been overwhelmingly positive from the get-go, so much so that Ferber and Ilyinsky recently branched out, or rather up, opening their second salon in Le Parker Meridien hotel. Here, the savvy pair share a few of their own fashion and beauty favorites in New York and beyond.

Nadine Ferber
The Hammam at Home: Aire Baths
“This place is a divine addition to our neighborhood. Tribeca is where I live and also where our flagship nail salon is located, so on a super long day it is nice to have Aire as a source of relaxation. I amreally into a hammam-style bathhouse after traveling to Marrakech and Istanbul and you can stop in just to use the baths or book an additional massage which is super luxurious.”
88 Franklin St., NYC, (212) 274-3777;

The Destination Shop: Simple Life Home
“I stumbled upon this very cool store called Simple Life Home in my favorite neighborhood in Istanbul called Bebek. They sell everything so you can recreate a hammam-style experience your bathroom at home. I bought loads of their luxurious soaps and hammam towels. And while you are in the neighborhood you must stop by Mangerie Bebek for lunch.”
For more information, visit

The Brow Guru: Jimena Garcia
“Jimena has changed the shape of my brows and perfected my lashes since she has come into my life. We were fortunate to land her as the brow expert at Tenoverten in Tribeca where she is now based five days a week. I go to her for regular lash tinting and brow shaping. She also introduced me to brow tinting, which makes my brows shiny, which I never expected.”
For more information or to book an appointment, visit

The Forever Skincare Remedy: Aquaphor
“Aquaphor Healing Ointment is my no-fuss simple solution to any dryness in my skin in the wintertime, and conveniently you can buy it anywhere.”
Available at drugstores nationwide

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Beauty Etiquetter: When Indecision And Smudges Strike At The Nail Salon


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail celia_ellenberg@

The Quandary: I often change my mind about my nail polish choice after the manicurist has started to paint it on. How many times can I switch the color before it’s considered rude? And if the color smudges while drying, can I ask for a redo?

The Expert in Residence: Nadine Ferber, co-owner of Tenoverten nail salons

The Advice: “The color of certain polishes in the bottle can vary greatly from the look once applied to your fingernails, so it’s acceptable to ask a manicurist to try another color—or two. Of course, try to be considerate of the manicurist’s time and ask her early on in the polishing process to switch the color when possible. Or if you’re going into the appointment unsure, ask her kindly to try one nail so that you can see what the result will be before committing to that shade. If you decide to try yet a third color, it is nice to ask the manicurist whether she has another client after you so that her schedule won’t be affected. A good rule of thumb is that if you ask more than three times, the manicurist will probably start to get a bit worn down and might not do the best job in the end.

If your color smudges while drying—which happens all the time—you should ask to redo that nail; just don’t expect it to be the same manicurist doing the fixing if she’s gone on to start with another client. There shouldn’t be a charge to redo a nail, no question about it. But remember that most smudges occur when putting your hands in or out of the dryer so be careful at that stage. We use Qtica quick dry drops without dryers, which really cuts back on the number of smudges.”

Photo: Getty Images