July 31 2014

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Louboutin Launches Manicure-Themed Shoes Alongside Nail Lacquer


A first look at Christian Louboutin’s preliminary venture into the beauty arena—a crimson lacquer called Rouge Louboutin that boasts a black pointed cap eight inches tall (the same height as the heel on the Ballerina Ultima, a shoe he designed in collaboration with David Lynch for his exhibition aptly titled Fetish)—might have you mistaking it for a weapon. While the brand assures me that this “objet d’art” is TSA-approved, the blood-red polish is dangerously sexy—similar to one of Louboutin’s stilettos. (For the record, our social media editor swears that this spiked topper is ergonomically friendly, saying that the shape makes it easier to hold and apply.) In the video above, the famed footwear designer, who worked as an apprentice at the Folies Bergère in the eighties, cites showgirls as some of his beauty icons, saying: “There’s one thing about showgirls and performers in general, it’s the transformation of a woman to another woman.” And naturally, no metamorphosis would be complete without glossy, chip-free fingertips.


Seeing as the iconic red sole was developed in 1992 after the designer ripped a bottle of scarlet nail polish from his assistant’s desk on a whim and painted the bottom of a prototype, it seems only appropriate that his launch into the already-saturated world of cosmetics would begin in much the same way. Never one to blend in, his extensive range of 30 additional shades—comprising three color families, all with caps clocking in at seven inches tall, dubbed The Pops (vivid cobalts, pinks, and greens), The Noirs (vampy hues), and The Nudes (varying tones of ivory and chocolate that pair well with his capsule collection of shoes of the same name)—will be sold not at the beauty counter, but alongside his towering heels. The weighty glass flacon comes with a price tag that also exceeds traditional expectations: $50. (But compared to a $700 pair of pumps, it’s almost a bargain.) And come September, a line of Loubs that pay homage to the manicure will arrive on the shelves—some boasting acrylic-like tips in shades of silver, gold, and red. Here, a sneak peek at the teetering footwear that bridges the gap between beauty and fashion.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Red, White, and Blue Beauty (Minus the Nail Art)


I want to make the “lip selfie” a thing. Blame it on my constant craving to experiment with the ever-expanding spectrum of lipsticks on the market. On the day I snapped this photo, my hair was particularly white (and not its usual plavender). When paired with Jin Soon’s Cool Blue nail lacquer and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante, I wound up with a look I’ve dubbed “unintentional patriotism.” If your hair happens to be platinum, this lipstick-mani combo is an easy beauty boost that channels the 4th of July spirit (without resorting to tacky nail art—#sorrynotsorry). For an added dose of Americana, don some denim, fringe, or—the obvious—stars and stripes.

What We’re Wearing This Week: A Patriotic Polish Job

-------’s resident nail polish guru (and photo editor), Nicola Kast, beats the workday blues by hitting the bottle. Here, she shares the lacquer she’s loving this week.

We’re celebrating the good ol’ US of A a few days early here at—and with a polish as patriotic as the Formula X Liberty Top Coat, how could you not? Despite the fact that Kast cheers on the “wrong team” during the World Cup (born in Germany, the motherland still tugs at her heartstrings when it comes to soccer), she has an affinity for all things Americana, specifically the red, white, and blue knitwear that sauntered down Raf Simons’ Fall 2014 menswear runway (a show he collaborated on with artist Sterling Ruby). And since a sweater doesn’t exactly pair well with a steamy 4th of July BBQ, she’ll be wearing this clear lacquer littered with confetti instead.

Formula X Liberty Top Coat, $12.50;

What We’re Wearing This Week: CK One Seaglass

-------’s resident nail polish guru (and photo editor), Nicola Kast, beats the workday blues by hitting the bottle. Here, she shares the lacquer she’s loving this week.

This shade conjures up many a color connection—from mermaid tails to tropical ocean waters—but for Kast, this shimmery, two-tone CK One lacquer looks exactly like a “beetle shell.” (Full disclosure: Our mani master grew up in South Africa and obviously spotted more glamorous species of bugs than we have here on American shores.) While we’re not exactly fond of insects, designers like Azede Jean-Pierre and Mira Mikati for Ç x Façonnable seem to be embracing the little critters en masse. We suggest taking the entomology trend one step further and extending it all the way down to your fingertips.

CK One Color Summer Long Wear + Shine Nail Color in Seaglass, $14;

What We’re Wearing This Week: Côte No. 102


cote-manicure’s resident nail polish guru (and photo editor), Nicola Kast, beats the workday blues by hitting the bottle. Here, she shares the lacquer she’s loving this week.

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were swayed by the fact that this dove polish (number 102) from Côte perfectly complements this foster kitten’s eyes. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this manicure and meow-maker can be yours—his name is Don and he’s a member of a Mad Men-themed litter. We think it’s safe to assume he’ll be a more loyal companion than Mr. Draper.) But aside from the fact that this lacquer goes hand in hand with the aforementioned fluffy feline, Kast says she no longer needs fifty shades of gray in her collection—this opaque oyster color is her latest go-to for hands and feet. “It’s my new summer neutral—I like how the cool tone contrasts against sun-kissed skin,” she explained. It also pairs equally well with a ginger tabby.

Côte Nail Color in No. 102, $16;