April 19 2014

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Getting Your Nails ‘Did At The Source


You’ve likely heard of OPI nail lacquers even if you don’t consider yourself much of a beauty junkie. They’re usually one of three or four brands regularly stocked at your local manicure spot, and possess more of an upscale look than the questionable no-name bottles that may or may not have been sitting on the shelves for years. Last month, the company finally did something to really put itself ahead of the competition: It opened its first concept salon in the United States. ROB/B, as the new Studio City, California, location is called, offers a variety of services beyond manis and pedis. In addition to a nail bar plus six different manicure stations, there’s a room designated for facials and massages outfitted with steam and aromatherapy equipment as well as a standup Vichy shower for your post-treatment enjoyment (there’s nothing worse than leaving a spa with cleanser and oils in your hair and ultimately on your clothes). There are also three VIP rooms (this is L.A., after all). The pièce de résistance, though, is a rooftop patio for outdoor treatments, complete with sound system and barbecue. Your move, Essie.

Photo: Courtesy of OPI.

Post-Summer Pedicures, A Must


Even though the days of architectural sandals and peep-toes sans tights are long gone, that’s no excuse to slack on regular pedicures. “You should be going at least once a month—every two weeks would be best,” advises Alisha Rimando, Director of Global Training & Education at Dashing Diva, who explains that all of the socks, boots, and patent Mary Janes that dominate your footwear preferences in the winter cause excess sweating, which leads to dehydration and drying around the cuticles and heels. “Even if you don’t have time to let the polish dry, it’s important to make sure you’re going in for maintenance—the lotions, massage, and exfoliation,” she says. And as far as taking care of those pesky calluses, Alisha advises against the razor—despite the universal satisfaction that comes with watching your pedicurist shave off all of that dried skin (ew). “Your body naturally forms calluses to create a protective barrier, so when you take that callus all the way down all at once, your body will put more of it back.” As an alternative, she suggests a gradual smoothing technique courtesy of a plain-old pumice stone on moist—not wet—heels.

Photo: Courtesy of Dashing Diva

A Polish For Pacifists


Now that the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq has come and gone, an increasingly loud call for peace has been resonating in our country—in more ways than one. For her fall color collection, Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Ji Baek has expressed these sentiments in nail-lacquer form—an olive-green color that resembles military fatigues, to be exact. Aptly called “No More War,” the polish is an unusual, albeit intriguing shade that’s definitely not suited for all beauty junkies intent on taking up the cause. A test run with a fair-skinned friend this weekend proved as much, although I’m happy to report that the color worked wonders on my more swarthy complexion. If you should care to dabble, however, a set of glistening camo tips will add extra impact the next time you throw two fingers up in protest.

Photo: Courtesy of Rescue Beauty Lounge

YSL Presents The New French Manicure


Seeing as how it’s one of the most coveted French brands (if not the most coveted of them) to ever grace us with choice fashion and beauty lines (simmer down, Chanel lovers, to each her own), it’s completely fitting that Yves Saint Laurent would try to recreate the French manicure, with what the company is calling “contemporary sophistication.” Gone are the days of sheer pink and white tips. Brace yourself for—wait for it—Deep Blue and Moonlight White! As part of its holiday Bow Collection, the two new shades of the brand’s La Laque polishes should be rolling out to stores any day now, and are meant to be worn together (white on bottom, navy on top). Sure, you could wear them alone or switch up the order, but why would you go against a style mandate passed down from higher-ups of this caliber? It’d be blasphemous, really.

Photo: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

accessorizing for the obsessive: matching your nails to your bag


Even before we can get a question in, London-based manicurist Zoe Pocock, whose clients include both female and male Osbournes, wants to set the record straight. “I hate nail art,” she says. “It’s just too kitsch for me.” Her answer for those who want a manicure that’s a little more couture, shall we say, than the standard red or wine is to match your nail color and texture to your handbag. “I started by taking a print from the lock on my Mulberry bag and applying it to the nail. I’ve developed so many techniques that I can give you nails in alligator, crocodile, or ostrich textures. It’s amazing what you can do with a matchstick!” Another of Pocock’s innovations is what she terms Louboutin Nails—a manicure that’s black on top and red on the underside of the nail.

Photo: Kelvin Murray/Getty Images