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Matte Nail Polish, A Knock Out


For recovering hardcore kids who spent their disgruntled youths scribbling on appendages with a black Sharpie or a bottle of Wite-Out, matte nails are nothing new. For those members of the movement who grew up but not out of their chain-wearing, head-banging ways, there’s ManGlaze, the branded bottled version of the look that got its humble beginnings at Magma, a punk and hardcore festival in Yokohama, Japan. If you like the idea of a no-shine manicure but fall into neither of the above categories, Knock Out Cosmetics’ Flatte collection will keep you on trend, without having to attend a Slipknot concert. The brainchild of makeup artist Mike Potter, a.k.a. the man behind the hair and makeup for the stage and film versions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, KO launched with two nail lacquers in black and powder (a dull white) and will debut calamine, a nude pink shade, at Henri Bendel this week.

Photo: Courtesy of Knock Out Cosmetics

Jen Kao’s Hands-On Approach


When designer Jen Kao isn’t honing her fine tailoring skills, nail art keeps her hands busy. “I’ve been gluing things to my nails since I was 13,” she divulged when we inquired about the origins of her obsession after getting a tip that the Kansas native likes to dabble in Calgel overlays, and, er, ornamentation. That is indeed a black animal-print motif at left with glitter stars and rhinestones embedded for added flair. A devotee of manicurist Naoko Ichiman, whom she met at Sakura Nail and Spa on the Upper East Side—one of the only salons in New York to offer Calgels, which are huge in Asia and parts of Europe—Kao had Ichiman create a ten-finger salute to her favorite anime characters for her Spring 2009 presentation last year, which makes us extremely curious about what she’s planning for her Fall show next week. “I used a lot of broken mirror for inspiration this season,” Kao says, which we can only assume is an indication that all signs point to sparkle. Stay tuned.

Nude Nails And The Search For Color-Matching Perfection


Editor’s Note: Frequent Style File contributor Maya Singer weighs in on one of this season’s biggest nail trends and makes us feel a bit better about the lengths we’ll go to for the perfect shade of nude polish.

Having just resurfaced from almost two solid weeks of a (mostly) work-free vacation, I’d like to tell you, with unabated honesty, how I spent most of my respite: polishing my nails. If that doesn’t sound like the kind of activity that can fill 14 days, then you, dear reader, have never tried to find a lacquer that exactly, precisely, invisibly matches the color of your skin. To satisfy this particular beauty whim, embarked upon because a truly nude fingertip is the perfect way to complement a neon-colored clutch, I tested the patience of manicurists in several downtown Manhattan zip codes, opened up bottle after bottle of polish at Duane Reade (much to various security guards’ chagrin), and lost more hours at Sephora than is healthy or sane. Naturally, it was only after I’d given up the project that I stumbled onto perfection: WAW by USLU Airlines. Launched by makeup artist Feride Uslu, the Berlin-based line is probably best known for its over-the-counter airbrush makeup system, but the company also works up color collaborations with fashion folk such as Henrik Vibskov and the geniuses at Colette. Last year, they introduced Uslu Airlines x Bernhard Wilhelm, a nail polish range now comprising 12 colors. One of these is WAW, named after Warsaw’s Fredric Chopin International Airport and an exact match for my foundation—NARS St. Moritz (success!). In other news, the brand just debuted four new polishes concocted by international DJs, including PSG by Ed Banger (a.k.a. DJ Busy P), which happens to be the perfect complement to a nude-toned clutch—and a boon to anyone who’s skin color is acid yellow.

From Paris (Via Russia), With Love


At Karl Lagerfeld’s “Paris-Moscou” themed Chanel Pre-Fall show earlier this month, homage was paid to a myriad of Russian inspirations for a collection of clothes and accessories that we called an “excursion into Coco Chanel’s exotic history with men.” But the detail-oriented among you, those who made it past the chain headdresses and elaborate heels, likely noticed sparkling nails inspired by, get this, the beauty of women. “Russian women,” said Peter Philips, Global Creative Director for Chanel makeup, who created a new, limited edition collection of lacquers for the occasion. Philips added a different glimmer to each of the three black-based metallic shades, using flecks of shimmering red (Feu de Russie), gold (Or de Russie), and blu (Nuit de Russie) to distinguish one from another. Available through January 2009, visit to get yours while supplies last. And remember, once they sell out, there’s always eBay.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Essie Starts The New Year With L.A. Excess


This awards season, Essie and the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau have teamed up to bring “Love, Beverly Hills xx” to red-carpet hopefuls and those of you who’ll be actively watching (and judging) them from the comfort of your own home. An exclusive, limited-edition nail polish, the metallic red lacquer contains flecks of 24-karat pure gold—reminiscent of its namesake city’s glamour and the gilded statuettes that will be doled out on February 22. The color’s opulence might also help ease the pain of the nominees who don’t make it up to the stage (ten fingers of flashiness will ensure that nobody goes home completely empty-handed).

Love, Beverly Hills xx will be available beginning January 2009 for $18, at

Photo: Courtesy of Essie