August 21 2014

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goody bags from jin soon and NARS


Those of you who partake in regular manicures are likely familiar with the feeling of triumph that comes from getting home post-salon visit with nails unscathed. You’re also probably familiar with the more common pangs of despair that accompany the nicks, chips, and smears that can nullify the whole double-coated, Us Weekly-reading experience. For one month beginning November 1, manicure mogul Jin Soon intends to alleviate some of that pain by giving out a complimentary bottle of one of ten different NARS polishes with any regular manicure or pedicure. So now, when the inevitable happens, you can at least do some quick, color-matched touch-ups at home (a top coat and base coat will also be gifted courtesy of NARS while supplies last). Click here to find the Jin Soon location nearest to you.

The Rocks That She’s Got–All Ten of Them


While everyone already knows about J. Lo’s affinity for Vuitton bags and her
Crème de la Mer habit, it’s gotta be Christian Dior when it comes to keeping her nails in proper
hand-waving, kiss-blowing shape. Jenny from the block’s color of choice? The new Dior Vernis nail polish in Black Sequins, according to celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein. The glittery gray/black polish screams edgy sophistication—or former fly girl meets megawatt superstar. Either way.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Nail polish courtesy of Christian Dior

Nail Polish, Not Exempt from Photo Retouching


You can always count on Numero for some high-concept, fashion-meets-art photo spreads to inspire your creativity in ways that certain, um, “less European” offerings are known to do. Last month they did away with models and instead had this season’s most popular nail lacquers pose for the camera, spilled onto a mirror set up to reflect the many facets of each color’s velvety potential. On view were a warm gold, a deep orange, and a black (a color about which we’ve already expressed a “definitively over it” sentiment in these pages). But the most vivid image was the deep-blue spill that the magazine credited as Givenchy’s limited-edition fall/winter shade, “Dandy Moiré.” However, upon further inspection, we noticed a distinctly different shade and opacity in the actual bottle. Curious, for sure, and enough to make us wonder if this is a case of image enhancing. We’re feeling a little duped. You?

Photo: Eric Maillet, for Numero 96 September 2008

The Dishes Are Done–And Your Nails Look Fantastic!


Commemorating 50 years of keeping pots-and-pans spotlessly clean, Scotch-Brite (of dual-sided scrubby-sponge fame) is doing a little something special for its, er, fan base, who must frequently choose between preserving their manicures or a sink full of dirty dishes. Introducing the Ultra NailSaver, a new line of scrub sponges purposefully designed to keep hands and nails out of harm’s way when a good grip and some upper body strength are necessary for doing battle with caked-on grease. The secret is in the grooves, a middle layer that shields nails from contact with rough edges to preserve cuticles and prevent chipping. The only downside? Now you don’t have an excuse to let dishes pile up.

Photo: Getty Images

It’s Deep Plum, Not Black


When you first look at Jimmy Choo’s fall ad campaign, shot by Terry Richardson, you might be momentarily taken aback. Sure, you’re likely to take note of the amazingly sexy contrast of Angela Lindvall’s bronzed calf against the white porcelain tub with brass fixtures. But more so, you’re probably a little—we’re just gonna say it—disappointed to see her perpetuating a black nail polish trend that needs to die. At least we were. “I actually used a plum color called Jet Set,” manicurist Meg Yamamoto explains of the extra-dark lacquer, thus redeeming the master shoemaker’s reputation in our eyes. “I think black nail polish is getting tired,” Yamamoto adds, espousing that it’s all about deep wine, gray-violet, and caramel nails for fall ’08. “These colors portray elegance and confidence,” she surmises—not contrived punk aspirations. Those are soooo 2006.

Photo: Terry Richardson, featuring the Glenys shoe by Jimmy Choo