April 19 2014

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Stars: They’re Just Like Us, According To Robert Vetica


Hair stylist Robert Vetica, who has 25-plus years of coiffing cred, has a new book to his name and anyone who has ever oohed and aahed over the flashbulb-friendly tresses of Renée Zellweger, Kyra Sedgwick, or Naomi Watts might want to navigate over to, right about now. Vetica’s skill and ability to explain his techniques to his high-profile Hollywood clients while styling them has made him a favorite and a friend to many an A-list actress—so much so in fact that Salma Hayek wrote the forward to Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple and Debra Messing provided the introduction, referring to Vetica as both an “artist” and “an uncle to [her] son.” The manuscript itself is written in a similar vein, intended to be an accessible way to teach women about their individual hair type and then enlighten them on the products, tools, and styles that will work best for them—with insider tips and tricks sprinkled in along the way. Need to cover up that root growth and combat an oily scalp? Colored dry shampoo to the rescue. Does your hair get poufy after a blow-out, but applying a styling product makes it look too greasy? Two words: wig cap. Colored pictures detailing these maneuvers and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Vetica’s own backlog of awards shows and ad campaigns help lend a sense of playful authority to the whole thing—and provide comfort in knowing that famous people do, in fact, struggle with the same everyday styling challenges that plague those of us without red carpet events to attend.

Photo: Courtesy of Fair Winds Press

Angel Gets Its Wings Clipped


In 1992, Thierry Mugler was something of a demigod. In addition to costuming George Michael’s epic“Too Funky” video, he unleashed Angel onto the world, sending women all over the globe into a gourmand-oriental-twinged frenzy. Even if you didn’t wear Angel, it’s likely you still associate its overpowering patchouli top notes with that specific era of your life. You may have been dabbling in Davidoff or Miyake, but everyone else was bathing in Mugler. After 16 years and a cult following that you can still smell in a crowded room, the French designer is staging an olfactory comeback of sorts with Angel Les Parfums Corps, a complete body-care line formulated with a new technology that lets you apply his classic scent to your skin in a variety of long-lasting textures—gel, cream, lotion, oil, mist, and spray, each with the staying power of an eau de parfum. The line will be available in stores this fall, but the new as-yet-unreleased-to-the-public commercial, starring Naomi Watts, is exclusively available for your viewing pleasure here.