August 30 2014

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Neal’s Yard Gets Frank


FRANKINCENSE INTENSEFRANKINCENSE/ (frang-kin-sens)/ n. / 1: A fragrant resin, also known as olibanum, extracted from the tree species Boswellia, common in Somalia and Kenya; 2: Traded in the Middle East and North Africa for over five thousand years, it was used often for incense, perfumes, and even in the embalming process; 3: In traditional Asian medicine, frankincense is prescribed to aid digestion problems; 4: A scent commonly burned during meditation and religious rites, it, along with gold and myrrh, was one of the gifts the Magi presented to Jesus; 5: Prized for its anti-inflammatory properties, it also treats anxiety, stress, and arthritis; 6: A powerful skin-care ingredient, frankincense tightens and tones and is intensely hydrating; e.g., “Use it as an aroma for yourself and your home, burn it while you meditate, and slather it on your skin to address fine lines and dry patches.”

Try it: Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense, $90,

Neal’s Yard Gives Us a Boost


Neal's YardWellness has never been a passing trend for Neal’s Yard—really, it’s at the core of every product the British apothecary-style brand has been dreaming up since opening its doors in London’s Covent Garden neighborhood back in 1981. For years, my own bathroom cabinet has been permanently stocked with an array of the company’s remedies: the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, for wintertime dry skin; the Rehydrating Rose Toner (formerly known simply as Rose Water), for a refresher and sun-sensitized skin soother during the throes of summer; the wonderfully aromatic Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath, for serious relief from muscle strains; and the surprisingly effective Beauty Sleep Concentrate, for bouts of insomnia. The brand has already delved into the world of inside-out beauty products, and now it’s supplementing its collection with four new Boosts: Vitamin C Boost with Rosehip for Immunity; an antiaging (and skin-, hair-, and nail-strengthening) Beauty Boost with Frankincense; a Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boost; and a Super Antioxidant Boost. All are made using 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, and are free of gluten, yeast, preservatives, and synthetic fillers. Considering I could use a boost in all of the aforementioned areas, I’m planning a daily cocktail of supplements starting now.

For bottles with sixty capsules, $21.50 to $29.50 each, see

Get Your Beauty Sleep With Neal’s Yard


Neal’s Yard’s natural formulations and pared-down aesthetic have always felt right to us. Now, the British apothecary-style brand is earning more points with a new product focused on one of our very favorite pastimes: sleeping. Its Beauty Sleep Concentrate is designed to do its work—that is, stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration—with a host of good-for-you ingredients while you’re off the clock. Grape seed oil and cocoa seed butter soothe parched, stressed skin, while the bio-active peptide, daffodil extract (which is actually harvested from the sunny flower’s bulb as it lies dormant in the winter), helps reboot skin the same way it helps the perennial bloom every spring. The blend’s calm-inducing aromatic essential oils will lull you into a dreamlike state, but it’s the promise of the elixir’s complexion-transforming properties that will really send you off to slumber with a clear head.

Photo: Courtesy of Neal’s Yard