April 18 2014

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Nicole Kidman: Dream Weaver


Nicole-Kidman-Cannes-BraidsAs a member of the esteemed jury at the Cannes Film Festival this year, Nicole Kidman did her job and then some, taking to a number of red carpets with grace—and great hair. This weekend, as the event came to a close, Kidman pulled out all the stops in the beauty department, sporting two incredibly intricate braided updos. While the swirled rosette of plaits Kidman wore to the Venus in Fur premiere on Saturday was stunning, her Renaissance Fair-caliber nest of single interwoven strands strung up into a back-combed basket at the Zulu premiere on Sunday made us do more than one double take, as the style just seemed to get more and more impressive from every new angle. But that’s just us. Which look do you prefer?

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images; ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman’s Botox Ban; BB Cream For Your Hair?; And More…


“No surgery for me,” Nicole Kidman tells Italy’s La Repubblica about her stance on cosmetic enhancements. “I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again,” she alleges. (Camera pans on Kidman during the Golden Globes would suggest otherwise.) [Huff Po]

Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line for Walmart is meant to be an all-ages kind of party, but you’ve got to be at least 13 to indulge. “Kids shouldn’t wear makeup, I strongly feel that way,” Barrymore says. “You should be a kid for as long as possible. I think when you start getting in your teens, then all bets are off, and you should just play, play, play and figure out what kind of woman you want to be—the training wheels are off. So kids in makeup, no. Starting in your teen years, absolutely go for it, and start to discover who you are.” [Us]

An 1873 finishing book for ladies entitled Beauty, What It Is and How to Retain It has been republished, revealing a few curious Victorian-era primping tips and tricks, including recipes for how to make your own hair tonics and face masks with lard and beef marrow. Ew. [Daily Mail]

In more practical haircare news, Pantene is releasing a BB cream—for your hair! Its Ultimate 10 Beauty Balm for Hair claims to control frizz, protect against heat, smooth, moisturize, tame flyaways, repair strands, and provide shine. [Glamour]

Photo: Courtesy of Pantene

Beauty Vending Machines: Coming To A Subway Station Near You?; Fragrance Bottles For Babies; And More…


Prestige skincare in the convenience of a vending machine? Believe it. BeautyMART, the newly launched project of two British beauty-industry vets, puts primping staples a simple press of the button away. MTA officials, are you listening? [Daily Mail]

They’re certainly not the first magazine to do a makeup-free story, but W‘s new issue may do it best. The glossy got Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain, and Keira Knightley to go maquillage-free—and guess what? Even with under-eye circles and skin imperfections, they’re all still pretty much drop-dead gorgeous. [Hollywood Life]

It was revealed yesterday via an Instagram from Stefano Gabbana that Dolce & Gabbana is working on a fragrance for babies—a startling revelation that is made that much crazier put into the context of the growing baby-perfume industry. The ultimate luxury is dousing your infant in fine fragrance, it seems. [Fashionista]

Speaking of surprising new scent categories, Stella McCartney would like to bottle the olfactory qualities of a barnyard. The designer, who clearly loves the smell of lily of the valley, which is the top note of her L.I.L.Y scent and its new Absolute, lists her other favorite aromas as the scent of her children’s breath and horses. “My friend and I always joke that one day we’ll launch a horse fragrance—obviously, we’d be the only ones who would buy it,” says McCartney. We’re not so sure about that; brand loyalty can be a funny thing. [InStyle U.K.]

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Beauty Rewind: The Golden Globes Hall Of Fame


As we count down to the Golden Globes—a ceremony that, in all of its booze-fueled glory, kick-starts awards season—many have begun to formulate their own predictions for who will occupy the winner’s circle in both the acting and the just as highly contested style categories. Before we look forward, however, we thought it would be far more informative to peer back at a dozen of this year’s female nominees to decide which of their former Golden Globes cameos is the most memorable. And so, without further ado, allow us to present the Golden Globes Beauty Hall of Fame, which will be welcoming a new class this Sunday. Click here for a slideshow.

Photo: Frank Edwards / Archive Photos

Nicole Kidman Gets Pinned


It’s day eight of the Cannes Film Festival and the celebrity sightings just keep flooding in. Today’s big news: Nicole Kidman is on the Riviera—and looking ravishing in a tomato red Antonio Berardi dress in support of her movie The Paperboy. Lest it go unnoticed, we feel compelled to call out a subtler detail as well: If you direct your attention due north of Kidman’s enviable porcelain complexion, you’ll see two diamond-studded hair pins holding her strawberry blond strands back—one on the left side, and one skewed toward the right above her hairline. So far, it’s been a big year—and a big week—for red-carpet hair accessories (see Chastain, Jessica and Dunst, Kirsten), and these barely-there, twinkling clips rank among our favorites, as they’re understated but still pack a pretty punch. Don’t you agree?

Photo: Le Segretain/Getty Images