July 30 2014

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Is the Tracy Anderson Method Putting Your Ponytail at Risk?



Over a platter of Nutella French toast earlier this week, hair pro Andy Lecompte (the go-to guy for A-listers like Madonna and Penélope Cruz) revealed that the Tracy Anderson workout puts as much strain on your strands as it does your muscles. “Guess what happens when you bounce around like that?” he asked the breakfast table. “Your ponytail breaks off.” Dedicated followers like blond bombshell Gwyneth Paltrow and rainbow bright Nicole Richie are particularly at risk because their hair is routinely processed, leaving it brittle and more susceptible to breakage. His advice for Anderson’s band of followers (or anyone who hits the gym on the regular): Apply a moisturizing oil (like Wella Reconstructive Elixir, on shelves in July) and gather your length into a topknot. You’re going to sweat anyways, so you might as well forget about sustaining your blowout and treat your hair to some much-needed hydration instead. His other fitness tip (and secret behind his own hot bod): “I started breathing.” Who needs sustenance when you already have air?

Photo: Instagram

Two of a Kind



We love a Daria Werbowy moment here at and her latest appearance in the Spring 2014 campaign for Balenciaga is no exception. Shot by Steven Klein, Werbowy’s hair is cropped, shellacked, and (temporarily) white-blond—which seems to be in step with all the catwalkers who have made the color choice permanent in the past month or two. And if you go way back to May 2013, you may recall that Nicole Richie showed up at the Met Gala with silvery strands (hand-painted by Luke Chamberlain) and a similar moody mouth. The fashion world, it appears, is quickly frosting over.

Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga; Getty

Playing Dress Up—Beauty Style



From New York to L.A., the red carpets were full of Halloween inspiration. If you’re going to put on a pair of ears and call it a costume, then take notes from Nicole Richie, who sported a delicate Maison Michel headpiece and thick, cat-eye liner. Add a pair of false lashes to complete the glamorous feline effect. Want to get into the spirit, but keep things subdued? Slick on an opaque tangerine lipstick à la Olivia Munn at last night’s Giorgio Armani One Night Only show and soirée. Draw a thin band of black along your upper lash line for bit of flair—flicking it up ever so slightly at the outer corners.

Photos: Getty Images

Met Ball Beauty Extra; 08-09-13; And More…


Full disclosure: We had no idea Zooey Deschanel was at the Met Ball last night, until numerous sources credited her to that seersucker Tommy Hilfiger gown—and a fringe-free face! The New Girl star was downright unrecognizable without her signature brow-grazing bangs. [Perez Hilton]

Just as we were getting ready to lament the lack of punk piercings on last night’s red carpet, save for the bevy of jewel-encrusted ear cuffs that made the rounds, we took a closer look at Jessica Biel, only to discover that Mrs. Justin Timberlake had slipped on a septum ring for the occasion. Well played. [Daily Mail]

Botox, meet Frotox. The purified botulinum-toxin alternative consists of injecting liquid nitrogen into nerves that control wrinkles, causing fine lines to “hibernate” for up to four months. [Jezebel]

Many celebs used the Costume Institute’s punk theme as an excuse to go all out with their nail art, which made for highlights like Blake Lively’s purposely chipped foils, Rita Ora’s gilded talons, and Nicole Richie’s fancy moon manicure, pictured above. []

In other nail news, Marc Jacobs’ team has leaked another shade of the polish in his forthcoming beauty range with Sephora—as well as the line’s official launch date: August 9, 2013. [Instagram]

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

The Met Gala: Best Of Beauty


The sea of Givenchy dresses aside, last night’s Met gala was as much about beauty as it was about fashion—which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise; after all, punk’s lasting legacy has done just as much for the advancement of black eyeliner and hair color as it has for studs and safety pins. Miley’s spikes, Madonna’s black bob, and Diane von Furstenberg’s epic curls come to mind as some of the evening’s biggest beauty moments, although there was plenty more to talk about—or text about, as it were; we were engaged in a steady stream of phone commentary with no less than three style-savvy friends at once as the chaos and couture unfolded on the red carpet. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite punk trends, reimagined for the red carpet—and in face-off form—because while the Met isn’t an awards show, per se, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

The Look: Peroxide Goes Platinum
The Contenders: Anne Hathaway vs. Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie and her hairstylist, Luke Chamberlain, set out to make a color statement on the red carpet via Chamberlain’s silver-white, spray-in streaks, but the night’s mane event belonged to Anne Hathaway, who showed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a brand-new, bright blonde dye job. “I decided to go for a look that [was] glam, edgy, and yet very youthful and fun,” celebrity hairstylist Sascha Breuer explained of the slicked up style she gave Hathaway’s crop, which was freshly bleached courtesy of Marie Robinson.

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