September 2 2014

styledotcom OMG. Remember this? Summer camp flashbacks in full force.

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Nivea Nixes Rihanna; Katy Perry Goes Back to Black; And More…


Rihanna’s out as the face of Nivea after working with the skincare brand on its 100th anniversary campaign. Nivea CEO Stefan Heidenreich insinuated Rihanna’s lifestyle is a bit wild for the company’s wholesome image. “Rihanna is a no-go,” Heidenreich said. “I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family, and reliability.” Rihanna responded by tweeting a picture of Heidenreich captioned “No caption necessary.” [Telegraph]

Want to know how to get Kate Beckinsale’s perfectly tousled waves from Total Recall? The film’s hairstylist Johnny Villanueva gave Allure step-by-step instructions to achieve the look. Of course, all those Kérastase products, curling irons, and pins won’t give you Beckinsdale’s flawless genetics, but it’s a step in the right direction. [Allure]

In the past year, Katy Perry’s hair has been dyed nearly every color in a bag of Skittles. While the pop star has stuck to a saturated shade of purple the past few months, she’s back to black for her new Ghd ad campaign. The brand known for its straighteners, brushes, and other products tapped Ellen von Unwerth to shoot Perry sporting a variety of sleek hairstyles for the ads. [Fashion Etc.]

At this point, we all know about Ryan Lochte’s affinity for flashy grills, but the Olympic swimmer has a new favorite accessory— and it brings just as much bling to the table. Gillette sent Lochte a set of gold-plated, diamond-encrusted razors, which he proceeded to plug on Twitter (obviously). [@RyanLochte]

Photo: Courtesy of Nivea

Drugstore Discovery of the Week: Dear Nivea…


There are few brands that can lay claim to my absolute and unwavering devotion, but Nivea is one of them. Its classic lotion in the navy blue bottle remains one of my earliest beauty memories: My grandmother had one perched on a cluttered shelf in her bathroom in Italy, as did my mom in the U.S. years later, and I’ve been happily carrying on the tradition ever since. Chalk it up to the cream’s silken, melt-into-your-skin consistency and that signature scent that smells exactly the way a moisturizer should—clean and unobtrusive. This year is an important one for the drugstore mainstay, as it celebrates its 100th birthday. Originally launched in 1911 in a pale yellow-hued tin covered in Art Nouveau-style scrolls, the lotion brand has enjoyed many milestones: the introduction of the first product for men, a shaving soap, in 1922; the launch of its universally recognizable blue container in 1952; an entire baby range in 1960; and the discovery of an anti-wrinkle miracle worker, Co-Q10, in 1998. Though the company’s advertising strategy has changed since its humble European beginnings—Nivea recently signed Rihanna as a brand ambassador, but its first “models” were trios of young boys and girls cast because they looked healthy, not jaw-droppingly beautiful—the overall goal with the product range hasn’t wavered: to help create natural-looking, radiant skin. Consider this a little love letter; Nivea, thanks for sticking around.

Photo: Courtesy of Nivea

Rihanna And Nivea, B.F.F; Katy and Dita Face Off; And More…


Rihanna nabbed a Nivea contract a few months back and she’s making quick work of building a relationship with the brand. Not only will the German-owned skincare company sponsor Ri-Ri’s upcoming tour, but her latest release, “California King Bed,” will provide the soundtrack for a soon-to-be released TV commercial starring its new lineup of products. [WWD]

Christina Aguilera stepped out over the weekend without her usual facemask of red lipstick, heavy foundation, and lots of lashes, to the horror of the blogosphere. Don’t let them get to you, Xtina. “You are beautiful, no matter what they say” (although those extensions are a little intense). [Us via Gawker]

Those of you beginning to tire of feather hair extensions, rest assured their reign is coming to an end. “I think we’ll be seeing it a lot through the summer,” a stylist at the Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica—the epicenter of the trend—has said. “But after that, it’ll be over.” Phew. [L.A. Times]

Katy Perry has taken her Dita Von Teese style-biting one step too far on the new cover of Vanity Fair, according to some, ripping off the burlesque star’s signature raven-hued waves, porcelain skin, and crimson mouth. But Von Teese is taking it all in stride. “People have always copied my style. I used to have friends who would dye their hair exactly the same shade as mine. I see it as a compliment.” [NYP]

Photo Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, June 2011

Nivea’s Mint Condition


There are a handful of drugstore beauty brands that can, in our humble opinion, do no wrong. And Nivea definitely makes that cut for a few reasons. First, history: Nivea has been around for, oh, a century, so clearly it’s doing something right. Second, the formulas and packaging are as effective and unfussy today as when they were first invented; in fact, our very favorite creme tin moisturizer has barely altered its ingredients since launching in 1911 (if only it still had the original Art Nouveau-style graphics). Finally, price: Nivea is, to put it plainly, a total bargain. As to be expected, Nivea’s latest release lives up to expectations. The Express Hydration Freshening Gel, which is actually more of a moisturizer gel hybrid, has a super lightweight texture with a bit of slip to it that sinks immediately into the skin. It is formulated with natural sea salt and glycerin and uses Hydra IQ technology, which promises to keep skin moisturized for a full 24 hours. While we can’t attest to how soft our skin was during our sleeping hours, we can report that, despite our incessant hand-washing habit, it managed to work its magic from morning until night. The mint scent is subtle and has an immediate cooling effect on the skin, which, we expect, will be a welcome sensation once the temperature eventually starts rising this spring.

$8, at drugstores.

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week


I recently had to get a few passport pictures taken, and after finally coming to terms with the fact that there was never going to be a day when I was feeling particularly photogenic, I stopped putting it off and went to the closest place I could find. That place turned out to be a bodega/dollar store/”legally acquired” electronics purveyor near my house, where a Bluetooth-wearing cashier/receptionist/photographer took two (very unfortunate) pictures and then told me to wait 15 minutes while they developed. And so, I occupied myself in the beauty aisle, which was littered with celebrity fragrance offerings from J. Lo and Paris Hilton, as well as older standbys that you can’t find at, um, more legitimate retailers. Among this treasure trove were $1 tins of Nivea—the white cream that served as my gateway moisturizer long before I discovered St. Ives, Lac-hydrin, and later La Mer. It has a ton of paraffin in it, which might be a deal breaker for more green-leaning types, but the German brand was huge in my house in the eighties and remains equally big today, albeit in its upgraded packaging, for its thick, mother-of-all-moisturizers formula. There’s something about the old-school tin, though, with its soft, nostalgic scent, that will forever remind me of my mother slathering it on my chalky legs as I squirmed, telling me that one day, I would care enough about smooth, hydrated skin that I would do it myself (touché, Mom—and Happy Mother’s Day).

Photo: Courtey of Nivea