August 23 2014

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Jessica Alba Reveals Her Post-Pregnancy Body-Bounce-Back Secret; Gwyneth Talks (More) Health And Wellness Tips; And More…


As the fallout from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Most Beautiful” title continues to play out, more and more details are surfacing about the minutiae of her extensive diet-and-exercise regimen. Tracy Anderson Method is in, as we discussed yesterday, as is aerial yoga. Running, however, is a firm no. “Tracy says it builds square quads in a woman, better to do dancing,” says Paltrow. As for her skincare regimen, it’s all about Ilia organic oils. “I am obsessed,” she says. [Elle UK]

While Paltrow’s regimen made her post-pregnancy journey back to the perfect body look easy, Jessica Alba chose a slimming road less traveled. “I wore a double corset, day and night, for three months,” she reveals of her struggle to lose weight following the birth of her daughter Honor. “It was sweaty but worth it.” [Net-A-Porter]

Butter London, the cheeky British nail brand responsible for No More Waity, Katie, a lilac glitter greige polish created in homage of Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, has just announced the launch of Pitter Patter. The dark amethyst lacquer is a tribute to the arrival of the couple’s first child. [Refinery29]

Salma Hayek is making some smart business decisions with her CVS-stocked beauty brand, Nuance. To further her belief that “every woman should be entitled to preserve her youth, no matter what her background,” Hayek has teamed with Birchbox to offer a Nuance-sponsored box that will be shipped next month, at no additional cost, along with subscribers’ monthly Birchbox. [WWD]

Cleansing Waters: Even Salma Hayek Uses Them


On a recent Thursday afternoon, we had the pleasure of having lunch with Salma Hayek to talk Nuance, her new skin, hair, and makeup range for CVS. Hayek, who for the record has an impeccable—and Botox-free—complexion (“don’t think I have not been tempted, but I have done nothing,” she insists), is incredibly passionate about the range, which is rolling out to the drugstore chain this month. “I didn’t do a lot of market research,” she said of the 100-piece line. “This is just what I have found that works,” including tepezcohuite, a tree bark native to southern Mexico and Brazil that regenerates red blood cells and acts as a seriously potent antiaging agent. The extract was a favorite of her grandmother, a cosmetologist who frequently shared her DIY beauty secrets with Salma. What we found most interesting about Hayek’s musings on gloss (“I’m not much of a lip glosser),” tips (“the most important thing you can do is wash your face at night”), and equal-opportunity age defying (“it shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a right”) was the fact that the self-proclaimed beauty junkie doesn’t wash her face with soap in the morning. The fact that soaps can be stripping and drying, two things that can inadvertently age your skin, isn’t news—which is presumably why the Cleansing Water movement is gaining steam stateside. Part makeup remover, part toner, these no-rinse hydrating fluids are popular in Europe and are a great way to refresh your skin in the morning without being abrasive. They also happen to be a favorite with backstage regulars. “They’re moisturizing,” makeup artist James Kaliardos said yesterday at Diane von Furstenberg (more on that in
a bit). Kaliardos prepped model’s complexions with Klorane’s Soothing Makeup Remover
with Cornflower
. “Avene makes a good one, too,” he said—as does Bioderma. Its Solution Micellaire Créaline TS H20 starts showing up once the collections move to Milan and Paris, as it’s only available across the pond. You’ll have a few more stateside options soon, though. “I’ve got something coming out,” promises Hayek, who recommends an at-home remedy in the meantime: Mix one part rose or lavender essential oil with one part soy powder and two parts water. Shake and apply to a cotton pad; store in the refrigerator.

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Salma Is Pretty In Purple


The Hayek-Pinaults have arrived at the Venice Biennale. Taking in the Il Mondo Vi Appartiene opening this afternoon, Salma and François-Henri were their usual dapper selves, he in a suit with his shirt-collar unbuttoned just so, she in a sheer purple shirt dress with a black patent-leather belt around her waist. Once we got past her enviable mane of soft, chestnut ringlets, we noticed something else due south of those famous full brows, namely her pale lilac eye shadow. We usually steer clear of monochrome fashion-meets-beauty moments, but Hayek can do no wrong—and is presumably doing a whole lot of right with pigments from Nuance, her forthcoming makeup collection for CVS. Let the count-down to the range’s August launch date begin.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Salma Hayek, The Beauty Range


News of Salma Hayek’s inevitable entrée into the beauty industry has been germinating for some time, but today comes official word that it is indeed happening—and soon. This August, Hayek’s 100-piece color, skincare, hair, and body range will debut at a CVS store near you. Yes, we said CVS. Nuance, as the collection is called, has been produced for the mass market despite Hayek’s close ties to luxury conglomerate Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (her husband is PPR chief executive officer François-Henri Pinault). But don’t get it twisted; this is not your average drugstore line. “I wanted to make simply the best product and give everyone access to the good stuff,” Hayek says—and she knows all about said good stuff. A beauty junkie who swears that her line-less 45-year-old faces is the result of diligent application of creams and salves—not needles and vials—is from a skincare-formulating family: Her grandmother was a cosmetologist and Hayek grew up slathering Native American and Mayan remedies onto her skin. She brought that knowledge to her products, which feature ingredients like tepezcohuite, a tree bark native to southern Mexico and Brazil that regenerates red blood cells and acts as a seriously potent antiaging agent. And Hayek’s not just the creator of Nuance; she’s its best spokesperson. We had the pleasure of lunching alongside the petite brunette this week (she at one table, us trying not to stare at another), and after catching one glimpse of her enviable complexion, we’re pretty sure we’ll have whatever she’s having. The fact that it will only cost between $7.99 to $19.99 a piece makes it that much more appetizing. [WWD]

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