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Kérastase Wages War On Big Hair


I have thick, wavy hair which often means a serious volume problem that I’ve been at odds with since my mother allowed me to grow out that unfortunate bowl-cut-plus-rattail (oh, yes) and style my own hair. I used to spend countless hours flattening out all the body with watered-down updos and a straightening iron but have come to accept my hair for what it is in adulthood—by which I mean I’ve grown it so long that it weighs itself down and I don’t have to worry about the perils of too much bounce. It still has its moments, though, mostly on humid days and right after I wash it, when it grows considerably, adding more than just a few inches to my profile. Which is why I was intrigued by Kérastase’s new Oléo-Relax Slim line, a two-piece collection due out in June that was literally designed to shave a few pounds off big hair. Already a fan of their Nutritive collection for its ability to tame rebellious tresses, the new slimming line takes straightening even further, using a cocktail of three natural oils plus ceramide to smooth the hair fiber itself, thus reducing volume and frizz. The masque was enough to subdue my locks, but there is also a leave-in styling cream to bolster the effect if you need to call in reinforcements. Consider the battle of the bulge over.

Photo: Courtesy of Kérastase