August 29 2014

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Twiggy, Still Making Headlines


Twiggy quips that Olay’s Definity range is her “secret for brighter-looking eyes” in a new ad campaign for the company’s antiaging line, but the 59-year-old model’s strangely wrinkle- and blemish-free skin suggests that other covert operations might also be at work. At least that’s what one governing body in the U.K. thinks. In what’s poised to be the biggest uproar yet over the ongoing issue of Photoshopping in mass media, members of the British Parliament are calling for a ban on digitally altering ads aimed at children under 16, and disclosure of these modifications in ads aimed at adults, reports Jezebel. The house’s more liberal types have even gone as far as to recommend compulsory “media literacy” lessons to teach kids that such images should not be viewed as realistic portrayals of beauty. Seeing as how government legislation on advertising encroaches on free-speech territory, we’re curious whether similar regulations would ever fly stateside—and furthermore, if they did, would you support them?

Photo: Courtesy of Olay