August 29 2014

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3 posts tagged "Olive oil"

Ted Gibson On The Winter Storm A’Brewing


While there is a bright side to seasonal change (humidity-induced frizz is gone for the most part—as are pesky mosquitoes), the grim reality is that a drop in temperature typically means dehydrated, brittle hair. “Invest in a chic winter hat,” celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson advises. To nourish hair so that it looks kempt even sans chapeau, Gibson recommends slathering on a night treatment, like his Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum, which, when applied before bed, moisturizes deep down to the inner cortex of the hair shaft. He also advocates being a bit more diligent about maintenance. “The winter months are a good time to commit to regular trims—and letting more time elapse between washes,” he says, so that the scalp’s natural oils can provide an additional source of moisture. (OCD hair washers be warned: Sloth is in for A/W 2008).

Photo: Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

The Poster Girl For Curl Perfection


We asked this nutritionist/part-time model what she used to keep her gorgeous curls full without the frizz, and she told us that she couldn’t reveal her shampoo sources, you know, because of the big beauty campaign she has out right now, obviously. However, she was willing to dole out this little tip: olive oil. “I use it before I go to sleep at night and tie my hair up,” she says. “Then, when I wake up, it’s easy to manage.” She also credits washing her hair only once a week and conditioning every day for her enviable locks. And then there’s her good genes, of course.

Photo: Ben Ferrari

bridging the gap between environmentalism and vanity


Jonathan Product Green Rootine

Jonathan Product Green Rootine

The switchover to organic, locally grown produce, coiled energy-saving lightbulbs, and a Prius (or souped-up racing bike) probably hasn’t been too much of a shock to your system. But the upheaval going green has likely caused to your beauty regimen is another story altogether. Enter Jonathan Product. In a bit of clever copywriting, the company’s new Green Rootine gets to the “root” of the problem, making it easy to stay true to your planet-saving ways without sacrificing healthy, shiny hair. Boasting a superior clarifying ability in an all-natural, 100 percent vegan formula free of chemicals, sulfates, and parabens, the collection’s shampoo, conditioner, and silkening crème rely on coconut, jojoba, and rosemary extract as well as olive, orange, and avocado oils to rid the scalp of impurities without leaving hair brittle. There’s a touch of spearmint oil in the mix, too, for that “its really working” tingle that even the crunchiest product junkies miss from their favorite synthetic offerings.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Product