August 22 2014

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3 posts tagged "One of a Kind"

FNO Recap: Like Halloween, For The Style Set


With so many gift bags, on-site manis, and transitional “night makeup” applications to be had last night, I decided the best way to cover a lot of ground was to stick to one neighborhood. So for convenience reasons, I chose Soho and made my first stop Anna Sui on Greene Street. I naturally gravitated toward the cosmetics counter, where Sui’s new moisturizing foundation and iridescent nail lacquers were on display, both of which are only available for purchase at her flagship. Bearing that in mind, I picked up a sparkly purple color and continued on my way, past a window display of live male models at the Penguin store and into Space NK Apothecary, where I had my first taste of Champagne. “Can I just pour myself a glass?” I asked of the unattended sparkling rosé sitting on the counter, to which a pleasant shopgirl replied, “Of course!” (This is the kind of retail shopping I could get used to.) After a Bumble and Bumble hair touchup (the new, shorter ‘do has been a big hit at fashion week thus far, for those of you who were wondering), I had a conversation on red lipstick—”It’s Dior,” I said of the discontinued bullet I was reapplying when another crimson-mouthed shopper inquired about my shade of choice. And hers? MAC’s Lady Danger, the same shade that the brand’s vice president of makeup artistry, Gordon Espinet, asked me if I was wearing when I made my way up Spring Street to his party. Espinet took me through MAC’s red-orange color gradient when I revealed that I was not in fact wearing one of his creations (gasp!), and I chose a tube of Morange, one of the best true oranges on the market right now. Needing a little sustenance I remembered a very important freebie happening just across the way at Molton Brown: salty snacks! So I crossed the cobblestones and popped a handful of kettle corn into my mouth. Although I was looking forward to a selection of British ales, as advertised, I happily took a Heineken (apparently Boddingtons only comes in four-packs) and used my right hand to sip while I got a hand massage on the left. Unable to resist the scent of the Eucalyptus and Ginger Scrub my masseur used for pre-rub-down exfoliation, I made yet another purchase and continued south to Chanel. There, past the line of hip-hop enthusiasts stalking Kid Cudi at Bathing Ape, aestheticians were painting nails in the middle of the store using the brand’s new Jade collection. I almost partook, but my current ten-finger salute to Essie’s One of a Kind is just two days old, so I spent my time perusing the accessories case instead. I almost made last night the night I purchased that gold, three-pronged camellia key chain I’ve been coveting, but alas. Maybe next year?

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

J.Crew Hearts Essie


As we’ve previously reported, J.Crew has been feeling the beauty beat recently, putting an increased focus on bright statement lip and nail embellishments on the pages of its catalogs. The company’s summer mailers were brimming with tips painted in Essie’s bright orange shade Short Shorts—which even got an on-page shout-out via a 2-D inspiration board—suggesting to us that it’s only a matter of time before the fashion purveyor starts selling lacquers alongside its wide selection of chinos and cashmere cardigan sets. That time is apparently now, according to, which alerted us to the fact that the store has indeed stocked a few choice polishes for Fall, including Essie’s One of A Kind, the orange-melon color whose praises we’ve been singing of late. Now all the brand needs are some choice offerings from a few niche fragrance and cosmetics labels, and it’d be the kind of one-stop shopping that’s right up our alley.

Photo: Courtesy of J. Crew

The Search For The Perfect Red Polish Now Over


After tiring of the orange and neon pink nail polishes I had been using with frequency last month in an attempt to coax summer out of hiding, I stumbled upon a lacquer that I had never seen before on a recent trip to the salon. It was in the red family, yes, but it looked different than other, deeper reds on its shelf—a cross between red, orange, and melon that compelled me so much, I applied it to my nails as I waited for a turn in the manicure chair. With a few strokes of the brush, my intrigue increased as the polish appeared as an unexpected shade of blood orange on the nail. What was this magical color, I mused to myself (although it’s likely that a whole series of facial expressions went along with this internal monologue that may have made me look borderline psychotic to anyone else in the area). As I flipped over the white-capped Essie bottle, the aptly named color revealed itself—One of a Kind. It is apparently from the brand’s Spring collection, although it’s really making my summer right now, equipped with chevron-patterned design tips in alternating lines of yellow, mint green, and blue. I also spied what looked like a direct match backstage at the Gaultier Fall Couture show last week—further evidence that the color is a good investment for the seasonal transition lurking in the distance.

Photo: Courtesy of Essie; Luca Cannonieri /