September 2 2014

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Beauty 411: Dawn and Samantha Goldworm



For New England-bred twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, scent isn’t merely an accessory, it’s a lifestyle. It’s upon that credo that the platinum-maned pair have built 12.29, their olfactive branding company that has, since its launch in 2009, been busily creating custom scents for luxury boutiques, private homes, and a slew of runways—Rodarte, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung among them. And as of November, the sisters Goldworm have a home fragrance collection to call their own. The five new 12.29 candles (available at have dreamy scents and equally dreamy names—like A Vivid and Wild Beauty, a blend of milky florals and earth and fresh green notes—and a distinctly elegant presentation: Each is housed in fine porcelain courtesy of Limoges. Here, the fragrance-focused duo share their beauty favorites and, naturally, preferred scents.

“We followed Victoria and Larry from Bumble and Bumble to their own chic West Village salon, Whittemore House, years ago. We love the cucumber water they offer upon arrival, and Victoria is the queen of balayage. The salon also smells lovely, with a custom 12.29 scent that wafts throughout the space.”

45 Grove St., (212) 242-8880;

“We are in love with the newly designed line of Oribe hair products. Not only is the packaging modern and chic, but the formulas smell delicious. We use the Oribe Ultra Gentle Conditioner and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil.”


“I am a big fan of Japanese nail art, and Sakura is my go-to salon in NYC. It takes approximately two hours for a session, but the results are well worth it.” —Samantha


“Although not super well known for its nail products, NARS has the best color and quality polishes. I am currently obsessed with a deep Purple called Fury. My other go-tos are OPI Big Apple Red and Essie Ballet Slippers.” —Dawn


“I swear by Amore Pacific skincare. All the products have a beautiful texture, and my skin is left smooth and luminous.” —Samantha


“I use a combination of Lancôme Absolue Premium Bx, La Roche-Posay Hydraphase, and Bioderma Créaline H20. My years in Paris changed my regimen. The French really know skincare best.” —Dawn

See; larocheposay-us;

“Neither of us wears a lot of makeup. Our mother always had a fresh, clean, natural face, and so we [gravitate] toward the same. However, we never leave the house without mascara: Lancôme Ôscillation or Definicils. And for Samantha, a touch of lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo or Lady Danger.”


“The Mandarin Oriental Spa at the Time Warner Center in New York is the ultimate for a massage and relaxation.”


“For the most luxurious facial, I love The Guerlain Spa on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. You can curate your session by choosing a Guerlain perfume to scent the entire experience. So decadent!” —Dawn


“I am loyal to the 1992 Purple Perfume by 12.29.” —Samantha

“The only scented product I wear on my person is my perfume. It is an animalic Oriental with a touch of spice; very sexy, deep, and personal. And I scent all of our family homes with amber, and of course the 12.29 candle collection.” —Dawn


“Samantha and I regularly do juice detoxes when the seasons change to give our bodies a rest and rejuvenate. We also try to drink a fresh juice every morning. Our favorite juice spots in the city are Juice Press on East 10th Street and Organic Avenue on Third Avenue for its coconut water. In Paris, Bob’s Juice Bar in the Marais has great fresh juice and super-yummy food.”

See;; and

“Yoga is our meditation. We have both been practicing it for years—it is our exercise, our discipline, and our balance. Our teachers are Lady Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Rima Rabbath at Jivamukti Yoga Center. The Jiva Cafe also has an amazing selection of vegan food.”


Gratitude With Attitude



Whether you plan to walk, ride, or simply eat turkey tomorrow, we at Beauty Counter wish you the happiest of holidays. To serve as a reminder, we’ve devised a list of things to be thankful for:

1. Formula flashbacks (Calyx and Skinlights, anyone?)
2. Organic Avenue’s fall menu (the perfect way to cleanse, post T-Day)
3. Rihanna’s doobie (because saying “doobie” just brings us joy)

We’ll be taking a two-day mini break to enjoy family and support the economy. We hope you do the same. See you Monday—same time, same place.

Feast On This: Organic Avenue’s Fall Menu


crystal-rennWith the social blitz of the holidays almost upon us, it’s an apropos time to think about purifying your diet. But if you’d rather not cleanse—or exist on fumes and liquids alone—Organic Avenue’s new autumnal food menu is an appealing alternative. Made from wholesome, local, and seasonal ingredients, the raw dishes are loaded with beneficial nutrients to help detox the body and aid digestion, but thankfully, not at the expense of taste or food-y pleasure. After munching my way through the new arrivals, a few palette-boosting winners emerged: the Roasted Squash and Beet Salad is a generous portion of beta-carotene-rich (and deliciously sweet) kabocha squash along with roasted shallots and earthy fennel. It made for a surprisingly hearty meal that sustained me through the afternoon without sugary, hunger-spiking candy. The side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts was cooked to perfection (not to firm or falling apart) and packed with skin-brightening vitamins C and antioxidants for a burst of energy later in the day. But I could write a love letter to the Japanese Sweet Potatoes: they were delicately whipped and flavored with fermented chickpea miso, chives to boost circulation and Nigella seeds to eliminate toxins. Afterward, I felt entirely satiated but without an ounce of heaviness. For someone who has never been much of a whiz in the kitchen, O.A.’s menu was a vast improvement over take-out or Seamless delivery, and opened my eyes to flavors I didn’t know existed. It’s a holiday temptation worth giving into.

See for more information.

Photo: Vogue Paris

Beauty 411: Troy Surratt



Makeup artist Troy Surratt’s résumé is the stuff of beauty legend. His first big break: assisting makeup icon Kevyn Aucoin. “I worked with him exclusively for the last three and a half years of his life and I took such pride in assisting him. I would read letters from young people everywhere who would express their dreams of working with him…I still feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have had that experience.” Add to that Tarte, the cult-favorite brand he teamed up with Maureen Kelly to launch, plus stints as a consulting makeup artist for, followed by drugstore giant Maybelline New York—credentials that make Surratt eminently qualified to launch his own beauty line. Well, the day that many a beauty insider has dreamed of arriving finally has; Surratt’s eponymous luxury makeup line launched exclusively in Barneys this month (an aside, it’s going fast!). Inspiration for the hyper-modern products came from repeat visits to Japan: “Right after Kevyn’s death, I took my first trip to Tokyo, and the things I discovered were so inspiring we started going [annually]. I’ve been going back for ten years now.” Combing the beauty aisles in Japan convinced Surratt that there was no better place to birth his line. “One of the things I was so taken with was their attention to detail, quality, care, and cleanliness, so the cosmetics are so pure.” The resulting products are elegant studies in innovation: Powders and shadows are slurry-processed (poured as a liquid that then evaporates, leaving powder behind) instead of packed forcefully into tins, to impart a velvety texture; mosaic-style color palettes are entirely customizable; an auto eyeliner based on Japanese calligraphy brushes is super-sharp and resists bleeding, making it a must for graphic eyes. And a clever eyebrow pomade lifts and holds brows, drying to a matte finish with no sticky residue. All of them are worthy additions to your beauty trove. Here, the makeup maestro himself shares some of his own favorites.


“Of course I love all of the classic beauty icons any other gay guy would name: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren. Being a child of the seventies, the beauty icons I noticed first were Cher, Farrah Fawcett, Linda Carter, Bo Derek, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, and Olivia Newton-John, then in my early teens I became obsessed with Boy George, Annie Lennox, Duran Duran, and ultimately, Madonna. The new romantic and new wave movements taught me a lot about the power of hair and makeup to reinvent and express oneself creatively.”


“I am so lucky that my partner in life and business is the extraordinary hairdresser Nathaniel Hawkins. But as the old saying goes, ‘The cobbler’s kids have no shoes’—it seems sometimes that I’m the last client to get on his schedule and my haircuts almost always end in a squabble because I don’t sit still enough. The hair products I use are all by Oribe; I love the way they work, smell, and look sitting in my bathroom.”



“I am obsessed with fragrance! I recently sat on a panel at Barneys with Frédéric Malle and I was so honored and nervous. I must admit that I geeked out and gushed a bit, but he was incredibly kind. One of my personal Malle favorites is Dans Tes Bras, and I love Lipstick Rose because it smells like makeup. I also have quite a few fragrances by Serge Lutens and Byredo. I joke that I’m a like a little old lady because I love white florals. Lily of the valley, rose, and violet are some of my favorite notes. Those three flowers just seem so quintessentially French to me!”



“I love to go for massages at Great Jones Spa. It’s great because they give you access to their sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and cold plunge pool, before and after your massage. You can make a whole afternoon of it. My only complaint is that living in New York City, I sometimes feel like I’m stressed out again by the time I arrive home.”

29 Great Jones St., NYC, (212) 505-3185,


“I always try to take good care of my nails and hands. I consider it a necessity because I am constantly touching people’s faces. My ultimate luxury is having a manicure by my dear friend, celebrity manicurist Elle, whenever possible. She does an exceptionally perfect job.”


“I love yoga, but I find that many yoga classes in New York City are too athletic or competitive. I go to hatha yoga at Integral Yoga Institute. Yoga is a practice that connects body, mind, and spirit, and going there feels more spiritual to me than yoga classes given at most gyms.”

227 W. 13th St., NYC, (212) 929-0585,


“For a recent significant birthday of mine, Nathaniel and I traveled to the south of France with a couple of our dearest friends. One of our stops was Avignon, where we stayed at a hotel called La Mirande. It was truly beautiful and magical. I highly recommend it…I can’t wait to go back there one day.”

4 Place de l’Amirande, Avignon, France, 33-4-90-14-20-20,


“I visit my dear friend and client Dr. Lisa Airan; she is a true aesthete who has such an appreciation and understanding of beauty, so I completely trust her. She gives me regular peels and I often do Gentle Waves treatments; it’s a light therapy that stimulates collagen production. As for products, I am a longtime devotee of Crème de la Mer. I have used their products both personally and on my clients for years. My very favorite is The Concentrate. It leaves skin feeling amazing, and is a great prep/primer for makeup application.”

910 Fifth Ave., NYC, (212) 400-0999, See


“I try to have at least one green juice or green smoothie a day. I love the Green Monkey from Organic Avenue. And I take vitamin B12 drops that I buy at Whole Body under my tongue for extra energy when I’m traveling a lot for work.”


Photo: Courtesy of Troy Surratt; Barneys New York

Investigating The Other Cleanse


While cleansing remains the style set’s preferred way to purge the system of toxins before (or after) big events, there is that other, less frequently cited “C” word that is many a front-row regular’s secret weapon for keeping the body looking and feeling its best: colonics. The process of manually flushing the colon with a mix of water and liquid chlorophyll rose to popularity in the early aughts, when cleansing hit its peak, but the treatment has received some bad press over the past few years that has taken it off the pages of Us Weekly and made it more of a covert affair. “There’s definitely a negative stigma,” says Tracy Piper, proprietress of Soho’s Piper Center for Internal Wellness, who blames colonics’ bad rap on botched colonoscopies and ill-advised at-home kits.

As far as Piper is concerned, though, colonics never went out of style. Just ask the impressive list of celebrity clients she has amassed since opening her treatment center six years ago, which includes more than a few A-list actresses, designers, and catwalkers (Piper likes to leave specific names off the record, but believe us when we tell you that you’d be impressed). “People keep it to themselves,” she says of acolytes of her patented Accucolonics, an acupuncture and colonic hybrid in which Piper, a trained massage therapist (she used to work with the New York Giants) and student of alternative medicine, stimulates certain pressure points to further increase the efficacy of the colonic machine. “The forehead directly correlates with the small intestine, the area around your mouth with the large intestine, your chin with your stomach,” she explains.

“But it’s not just for models,” Piper swears of the service, which reduces bloating, magically clears up the complexion, and can even help you drop a few pounds when you follow her post-procedure dietary recommendations, as we discovered on a recent visit (no more gluten or dairy for us). “It’s for your health”—a mantra that more and more wellness professionals are getting on board with. Alejandro Junger, a doctor of detox and a frequently quoted expert on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter, is a big fan of Piper’s work. Ditto organic skincare powerhouse Tata Harper and the brain trust behind New York’s Organic Avenue fresh pressed juices, both of whom will be a part of Piper’s brand-new retail concept at her recently expanded studio, which officially opens next week. “No one does colonics like I do colonics,” the supremely gentle Piper insists, which very well may be true. Complimentary add-ons like aromatherapy—”lemon oil helps with nausea”—and Piper’s three years of psychotherapy education make a session with Tracy unlike anything you’ll ever experience. “It’s not just about removing physical waste,” Piper says. “It’s about getting emotional waste out, too.”

The Piper Center for Internal Wellness, 73 Spring St., suite #304, NYC, (212) 925-0203.

Photo: Courtesy of The Piper Center For Internal Wellness