April 21 2014

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Pedal Pushers, Backstage At Dior Couture


With an array of tulip-shaped coats and dresses making their way down the Dior Couture runway yesterday, it was hard to take your eyes off of John Galliano’s bright bouquet of one-of-a-kind frocks. Unless, of course, you were already fixated on hairstylist Orlando Pita’s sculptural, sky-high coifs wrapped in Stephen Jones’ cellophane-inspired headgear, and the colorful, geometric makeup that came courtesy of face painter Pat McGrath. Pita built five different styles that each evoked images of flower buds about to open, teasing and spritzing hefty helpings of hair spray, like his T3 360-Degree Control, along the way for hold. As for the equally bold shapes the models sported on their lids, McGrath blocked out brows and drew on her own, more fantastic arches before whipping up a series of what amounted to boxy cat-eyes in a range of colors. Squaring off shades of orange, blue, green, and yellow at the inner corners, McGrath dragged her wet, pigment-dipped brush toward the temples with sharp precision. She then added requisite rows of fake eyelashes and a deep, wine-stained pout for additional shock value. It was a bloomin’ good time, to say the least.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Conquering The Fishtail Braid


Devoted readers of this blog may recall the enthusiasm with which we discussed Tom Pecheux’s red glitter lip backstage at Doo.Ri during the Fall shows. You may also recall that we didn’t spend much time—any, in fact—talking about Orlando Pita’s conjoining fishtail braids, which were equally noteworthy examples of beauty expertise. The reason we made that a makeup-specific blog entry was simple: The fishtail braid still eludes us, after years of practice. We literally stood behind Pita and watched him cross strands of hair on model after model, but for some reason, when we tried to repeat his motions at home, it was a disaster—and we fancy ourselves master French braiders, too. Enter T3, the show’s hair sponsor. Yesterday, they sent out a recap of the look with step-by-step directions and a handy sidebar—with excellent diagrams—to help guide us through the process. And just like that, we got it. (As we’ve mentioned before, we are visual learners). We’ve included Pita’s instructions below so you can follow along with the pictures and experiment at will. FYI to the long-haired among you: A tight ponytail with fishtail braiding through the lengths is a summer showstopper.


Take two equal sections of hair and pull a skinny strand from the outside of one section.

Cross Over

Cross the skinny strand over the other section of hair.


Join the skinny strand to the hair in that section and pull tight.


Now repeat the same motions with a skinny strand from the outside of the other section until you’ve created an extended “x” pattern.

Photo: Courtesy of T3 Micro; Stefan Gosatti / Getty Images

The Fishtail Braid Wows Us Again


Here’s the thing about fishtail braids: They look so easy when, say, hairstylist Orlando Pita creates conjoining sections of them backstage at Doo.Ri. Try to re-create them at home, and the results can be somewhat less successful. But as Leona Lewis’ beautiful side-slung plait at last night’s Love Ball in London shows, learning the skill really pays off if you—or your stylist—can figure it out. If you want to give it a whirl at home, here’s a how-to video. Any useful tips and tricks? Report back in the comments.

Photo: Jorge Herrera / AP Photo; Right: Claire R. Greenway / Getty Images

Kate Moss, A No-Show Backstage At Oscar De La Renta


Kate Moss morning-after makeup was out and Christie Brinkley was in at Oscar de la Renta yesterday. Cosmetics ads from the early eighties served as inspiration—dramatic eyes, sunken cheekbones, feathered hair, and all. “It’s really the whole look,” Revlon’s global artistic director of makeup, Gucci Westman, explained backstage, where she was giving the era of excess a few modern updates. Chalky skin was thus replaced by a lustrous finish, thanks to Revlon’s Age Defying Spa Face Illuminators in Pink Light and Gold Light, and matte brick lips were made glossy to bring them back to the now with Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Chocolicious and Lipgloss in Shine City. Westman’s cheek contours and smoky, shimmering eyes were a direct tribute, though—as were Orlando Pita’s highly stylized feathered waves, for which sections of hair were set in rollers then brushed out, teased in the back for height, and set with T3 Elevate Heat-Seeking Volumizer. It was a defiant stand against the “undone” message proliferating at the shows this week, and we liked it. A lot.

Photo: Greg Kessler/

Orlando Pita, Straight Shooter


Orlando Pita is over glamorous waves. That’s right; the hairstylist and backstage regular is tired of seeing celebrities walk the runway with loose ringlets and is taking a stand by bringing pin-straight tresses back to the runway. “If you see something for five years, it’s time to move on,” he told us at Carolina Herrera yesterday, where he parted ways with the updos he typically does at the show. Instead, Pita prepped hair with MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream before blowing it dry, then created deep side parts and nourished the ends with its argan oil treatment so the result was sleek, but not severe. Pita appears to be a man of his word, too. When we ran into him again at Derek Lam this morning, he was still extolling the virtues of staying on the straight and narrow and took a moment to show us how to get the same look with a little natural texture: Pull a section of hair straight back away from your head, coat it with hair spray, hit it with a few bursts of the blow-dryer, and repeat, finger-combing along the way. Consider retiring your curling iron for fall.