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The 411: Pamela Love


You know a piece of Pamela Love jewelry when you see it. In the six or so years that she has been crafting earrings, rings, bangles, and the like, Love has established a distinctive style that takes its cues from traditional tribal African patterns and astronomy, botanical drawings, and even ancient Mexican folk art, giving each one of her painstakingly created designs the feel of a modern artifact. Besides earning a host of accessory-fiend fans with her popular talon and turquoise offerings, Love has also collaborated with the triumvirate of major retailers (J.Crew, Opening Ceremony, and Topshop), and attracted plenty of attention and magazine real estate for her own eclectic personal style (her wedding last summer at Montauk’s Ruschmeyer’s was chronicled by Vogue). Here, the New York native shares some of the local primping outposts and the products she relies on.

The Instant Refresh: Joanna Vargas
“I go to her salon for the light treatments and triple-crown facial—when you leave here, you actually look younger and more refreshed. It’s absolutely incredible. And she makes amazing products. Her daily serum is so perfect for everyday and is great at moisturizing.”
Available at

The Curl Conductors: Ouidad
“Ouidad Salon is great for anyone who has curly hair and doesn’t trust just any stylist to touch their locks. They really are the curl authorities.”
For more information, visit

The Wellness Authority: Dr. Frank Lipman
“I love Eleven Eleven Wellness by Dr. Frank Lipman for the amazing protein shakes and vitamins. Dr. Lipman has totally changed the way I see food. It’s more of a source of energy, so I’ve started trying to be much better about not eating junk, even when I’m stressed. His shakes are very important for vegetarians.”
For more information, visit

The Acupuncture Artists: YinOva Center
“Another great way for me to de-stress and clear my head is with acupuncture at YinOva Center. They have great practitioners who really get to the root of the problem.”
For more information, visit

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Beauty And The Beat: Little Hurricane’s CC On Bridging The Drummer Gender Gap And The Merits Of Waterproof Primer


Celeste “CC” Spina has been playing drums since she was 10, but it took a short-lived career as a chef followed by a serendipitous Craigslist posting to finally get behind the kit in an actual band. She joined singer-songwriter Anthony “Tone” Catalano to form the San Diego duo Little Hurricane, whose debut album Homewrecker (out next week) lives up to the group’s name as something small but powerful; think bluesy rock tracks that sound just as good when played to thousands at Lollapalooza as they do soundtracking an episode of Gossip Girl (GG fans will likely recognize the song “Haunted Heart”). Although CC prefers wearing vintage dresses and styling her hair in long, side-swept waves, she’s no delicate flower—just look at her inked-up arm for proof. “I got my first tattoo at 18,” she says. On the eve of their big album release, CC spoke with about sweat-proof primers, stocking up on dried fruit, and an American Apparel staple that, in a twist of irony, prevents her from flashing an entire audience.

What does someone not familiar with Little Hurricane need to know going into your debut album Homewrecker?

It’s rock, but there’s blues, folk, country, punk, and funk lurking there as well, [and] it’s full of personal stories of heartache and hope. It’s a true DIY album, recorded while touring the West Coast.

You’ve been compared to—and have yourself talked about—Meg White. Do you ever feel like you need to differentiate yourself from other blues-rock duos with female drummers?

Being compared to someone else is part of playing music and every band goes through it. I like that most female drummers are viewed as a novelty; it’s great motivation to be a better drummer. Being on an all-guy drum line was really challenging when I played as a kid. It sets me apart in a different way now, and I love that. I just really try to be myself. It wouldn’t be any fun to just copy another band.

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Somme-thing For Everyone


Being the good investigative reporter that I am, I try as many beauty products as possible—for better and often for worse. A recent obsession with natural oils left me broken out like a teenager (during fashion week, no less!), and similar blunders have occurred with lipstick (bubblegum pinks do not flatter my skin tone). But there are certain things I keep coming back to because of pure performance. Somme Institute is one such line. Rooted in Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5), a formulation of five highly engineered vitamins (A, B3, B5, C, and E) bound to proteins, the range is capable of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, repairing sun damage, evening skin tone, treating acne, and improving skin texture—and it works on all accounts when used over time, better than anything else I’ve come across in all my years on the job (no joke). It is for this reason that I booked an appointment at the Oscar Blandi Salon last week, for Somme’s Vitamin Infusion Facial. The brand introduced its spa treatment last fall, but a winter that left me with some lingering pigmentation issues made the service’s promise to lighten dark spots a must-try now. In addition to clinical-grade formulations of standouts from its famed five-step regimen, which includes a nourishing cleanser, gentle exfoliant, vitamin C-infused serum, and a moisturizer fortified with vitamin A, the service boasts a truly stellar facial massage (I actually fell asleep during mine—it was that good) to defuse puffiness and redness, and a soothing pumpkin mask to stimulate collagen re-growth. When I walked out of the tiny treatment room, slightly dazed from those few moments of blissful unconsciousness, my skin was clear and glowing—so much so that for the first time in a good long while, I didn’t feel the need to reach for my concealer before going out in public. I gleaned a little piece of exciting news while I was in there, too: the delicious-smelling, self-warming pumpkin enzyme mask that finished off the facial will be getting the retail treatment this summer. Until then, click here to find a participating spa near you.

Somme Institute Vitamin Infusion Facial at the Oscar Blandi Salon, 545 Madison Ave. at 55th St., NYC, (212) 421-9800,

Photo: Courtesy of Somme Institute