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THE 411: Naturopathica’s Barbara Close


Barbara_resizeViewing the kitchen as a modern-day apothecary—full of natural, from-the-earth ingredients that can heal the skin and restore the body—is a concept that Barbara Close got behind early on, when she founded her healing-arts center in East Hampton, New York, more than fifteen years ago. Trained as an herbalist and clinical aesthetician, Close subscribes to the back-to-basics philosophy that most ailments, everything from muscle aches to migraines, can be cured with ancient, forever-ago cures and good clean living. “Nature always provides deep replenishment,” she says. “A walk in the woods or a swim in the ocean un-tethers the mind and rejuvenates the senses.” So when she launched Naturopathica in 1995, it was as much about putting forth a collection of high-performance products that fused plants with science as it was developing a mind-body treatment spa where those formulations could be put into rotation. Now Close’s signature blue bottles and transformative spa are mainstays among the holistic-minded—so much so that she opened a second branch of the spa this summer for guests of the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton. Here, the Long Island resident, who lives on the outermost tip in Orient, shares her favorite natural-leaning discoveries.

The Skincare Hero: Plant Stem Cells
“Our Plant Stem Cell Serum, which is the featured product of our Natural Face Lift Facial, is a super-concentrated dose of extracts designed to prevent the breakdown of collagen. We use this serum with ultrasonic and micro-current technology, and the results—plumper, firmer skin—are immediate.”

Available at

The Dermatologist: A Trusted Local
“I go see Dr. Hennessey, my dermatologist, once a year. He looks over my skin for the better part of an hour, searching for any suspicious moles. I’ve had several friends who have had skin cancer, and this is the most important skincare appointment you can make.”

Hennessey Dermatology, 386 Montauk Highway, Wainscott, (631) 537-6020

The Personal Trainer: A Four-Legged Friend
“My horse, Wallace. I’m not great with any type of organized training program. I think fitness should be about having fun. I ride to the beach and gallop along the water.”

The Healer: Judy Gee
“She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbologist, and she’s an amazing practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in NYC. She is my quick fix when my neck goes out or I need to reset my digestive clock from too much excess.”

For more information, visit

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Soak It Up For A Skin Sea Change


GIGARTINA / (ji-gar-tina) / n. / 1. A type of seaweed distinguished by its deep red-brown color and intricately branched fronds; / n. / 2. Hardy sea plant harvested off the remote southern tip of Patagonia, where the southward-flowing Brazilian current and the Antarctic circumpolar current collide to create optimal growing conditions; / n. / 3. Species of algae that’s believed to be ten times richer in trace elements than most plants on land, coveted for its extremely high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes; / n. / 4. Healing aid sought out for its ability to stimulate circulation and revitalize and firm the skin while softening dry patches, e.g., “Add some gigartina to your bath for a smoother bod.”

Try It: OSEA Gigartina Beauty Bath, $80,

Photo: Courtesy of Osea

A Body Polish For The Life Aquatic


Growing up in Rhode Island, I’ve always been an ocean girl. I spent many summers with my legs dangling off a boat and learned to respect the sea from a scientist/sailor father, who tested water safety for Save the Bay (a local conservation organization). As an adult, I’ve carried an appreciation for all things marine into my beauty routine, stocking my bathroom with H₂0+ shower gels and La Mer serums. My new favorite is Osea, a Malibu-based skincare line that’s made with fairly harvested seaweed from the waters of Patagonia. Edible and extremely rich in sodium, iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins, the seaweed prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and keeps skin smooth and firm. Osea’s latest offering is Undaria Body Polish, which I plan to put into heavy rotation this summer. It exfoliates with a natural blend of acai, rice powder, and pumice and is topped off with the aforementioned seaweed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite—temporarily, of course, but I’ll take it. The texture reminds me of the mud I used to spread on my body at the beach, but with a much more pleasing smell (it’s scented with organic melissa, lemongrass, and Bulgarian lavender). The polish also comes in a sustainable glass bottle, rather than plastic, to protect the ingredients inside and preserve the shoreline outside.

Photo: Courtesy of Osea