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Milk Thistle Does a Body (and Hair) Good


MILK THISTLE / (milk this-uhl) / n. / 1. Latin name Silybum marianum, the sturdy thistle with the spiny stems, native to the Mediterranean region, is so named because of its milky-white-streaked leaves; / 2. The plant is characterized by the presence of the flavonoid silymarin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is thought to help protect and repair the liver; / 3. Because of its liver-reinforcing abilities, milk thistle has been used in the treatment of viral hepatitis and cirrhosis; / 4. There is anecdotal evidence of its performance as an emergency antidote when ingested immediately after eating a poisonous mushroom; / 5. Thanks to its ability to flourish in hot, dry climates, the plant has remarkable emollient qualities when incorporated into haircare. E.g., “Boost liver function and condition lackluster hair with milk thistle.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Phyto