August 20 2014

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3 posts tagged "Oz The Great and Powerful"

Old Makeup Tricks For The New Oz, And More…


Between witches, Winkies, and Munchkins, Oz the Great and Powerful‘s head makeup artist, Howard Berger, had his work cut out for him on set—particularly when creating a look for the Wicked Witch of the West. “What was tricky was that Disney bought the rights to the books and not to the movie, so we had to walk a very fine line in our design, regarding what was in the world and universe of [director] Sam Raimi’s Oz and what we could pull from the original film, which was very, very little. [They] had even come down and said, ‘The witch can’t be green!’ ” So Berger dreamt up a solution in which he used different variations of green and yellow skin tints to make up a similar pallor while culling references from the 1930s. Face-painting trickery, at its finest. [L.A. Times]

Illamasqua has become known for its amazingly outlandish nail lacquers, and following the successful release of its rubber varnish and its speckled polish, product developer and director David Horne spills the beans on what’s up next. “I absolutely love Pink Raindrops, which is about to come out. It’s an ash-gray pink, and it’s so unusual.” [Elle]

What if you could accurately predict the way your skin will age so that you could start actively treating future problems now? A new DNA-based skincare protocol alleges that a simple swabbing might allow you to do just that. [ABC News]

Photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace SMPSP / Disney Enterprises, Inc /

How To Weather Short-Hair Grow-Out: From Michelle Williams’ Hairstylist, To You


While the fashion set’s view is firmly fixed on Paris for the last leg of the Fall collections, one of its most celebrated darlings is covering international ground to promote Oz the Great and Powerful. We are of course referring to Michelle Williams, whose impeccable style frequently lands her at the top of best-dressed lists—and whose long love affair with the pixie cut has made her an enduring beauty icon. Williams mentioned that she was finally ready to grow out her short style, in an interview last week that went viral, and already you can see that she’s put the plan into action. For the U.K. premiere of the film last night in London, Williams’ hairstylist during the globe-trotting junket, Mark Townsend, was working with a bit more hair than usual. Inspired by Williams’ peacock-feather-covered, hourglass-shape Burberry dress, Townsend conjured up a look that was both timeless and cool. “I think she is this generation’s Grace Kelly,” he said of the starlet, “so I wanted her hair to be classic, hence the side part, yet very modern and slightly edgy at the same time, hence the exaggerated side part,” he continued of the extra length he prepped with Dove Whipped Cream Mousse and lifted at the roots with a blow-dryer before sweeping it over to the side. Oribe’s Original Pomade provided the cool, piece-y effect.

As for dealing with the “insufferable” grow-out as the tour continues, which Williams admits is why she’s stayed the short course for so long, Townsend has some tips for that, too. “When growing out a short haircut, patience and creativity are a must! I recommend vitamins like biotin, fish oil, and, most importantly, Viviscal. It is packed with marine proteins that speed up the growth process and make the hair so thick. When growing out bangs, headbands and hair accessories help disguise that awkward phase.”

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Kim’s Fringe Benefits; Snoop’s Pro Tips; And more…


From Chanel’s Spring show to Snoop Dogg’s fingertips: The French manicure is making a comeback. [Fashion & Style]

After three fake trial runs, Kim Kardashian has finally cut herself a real set of bangs. Or so it seems. [Glamour]

Nissan is adding another sensory element to its display at the Detroit auto show this year: smell. The car company has enlisted a fragrance house to design a custom scent that is “modern, vibrant, and exacting.” The resulting fresh oriental eau boasts notes of green tea and is meant to evoke an emotional response in would-be buyers. [NYT]

Nail-polish companies aren’t the only ones capitalizing on big-budget Hollywood productions. Starting this month, Urban Decay will release two face-painting sets inspired by Oz The Great And Powerful, Michelle Williams’ and Mila Kunis’ characters specifically. [People]

According to a new study, diets with mobile-app components—specifically Twitter—can increase your potential for weight loss. The research was actually quantified, too: Every ten posts to Twitter corresponded to a 0.5 percent weight loss. That’s 1,400 characters well spent. [Fox News]

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