August 22 2014

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Beauty 411: Rheanne White


RheanneWhite-cropSince the premiere of HBO’s Girls, a great many people have, understandably so, come to care deeply about Lena Dunham—what she says, what she wears, what she posts on Instagram, and, naturally, what she does to her hair. And though the pixie has experienced a major celebrity surge this year (see: Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson and, briefly, Beyoncé), Dunham’s crop was among the first and, in our opinion, the best. The stylist responsible for the wispy pixie perfection? Rheanne White. And as of this month the longtime freelance stylist, whose handiwork has graced the pages of such magazines as GQ, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire, is sharing her talent with the masses thanks to the opening of her first eponymous salon (Rheanne White Salon, 14 Jay St., 212-966-2928; Here, White shares some of her own go-to products and places, many of which, it should be pointed out, are a mere stone’s throw from her new Tribeca digs.

THE HAIR STYLING TOOLS: Shu Uemura and Layrite
“I love Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil-in-Cream because it’s so user friendly. It’s great on fine to thick hair with curls and waves, and a quarter-size amount is all you need for shine and control. And Layrite makes the best pomades—they’re all water-soluble. I use the Men’s Layrite Super Hold not just on my male clients, but also on women’s short hair any time I want to give a style that piece-y look.”

See and

THE SHAMPOO DUO: Kérastase and Shu Uemura
“Kérastase K Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo is great for making a good hair day last a little longer. Just spray at the roots to soak up an oily scalp and get that bounce and texture back. And Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Shampoo is a cure-all for winter hair.”

See and

“Makeup artist Munemi Imai makes the best face oil. I use the No. 1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum every day and put any remaining product on my hair.”


“Le Feu De L’Eau make the most divine candles. I can’t pick a favorite—I burn them all on different days at my salon.”


“I love everything she does. I want it all. So badass!”


THE SKIN APPOINTMENT: Diamond Facial at Shibui Spa
“My facialist, Kate Walsh, uses Natura Bissé, an amazing, family-owned skincare line from Barcelona that focuses on gentle-but-effective exfoliation. She also uses muscle manipulation massages to leave the skin plumped, hydrated, and glowing.”

377 Greenwich St., New York, NY, (646) 203-0045;

THE MASSAGE: Euphoria Spa
“They have too many amazing massages to pick just one. It really depends on what you need that day. I’ve had the Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy—a hands-on massage technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into connective tissue restrictions in order to alleviate pain, improve flexibility, restore motion, and create fluidity. Deep-tissue massage is also applied when needed.”

18 Harrison St., New York, NY, (212) 925-5925;

“This is my go-to when I’m in need of a new face cream. I love RéVive—worth every penny!”

90 Greene St., New York, NY, (212) 941-4200;

THE WORKOUT: Aqua Cycling
“Give this in-water spinning class a try. Trust me—it’s so much fun and gives great results without the post-workout soreness.”

78 Franklin St., New York, NY, (212) 966-6784;

“This little gem has some of the best coffee and teas in the ‘hood. We only serve their goods at the salon.”

184 Duane St., New York, NY;

Photo: Taea Thale

The 411: Pamela Love


You know a piece of Pamela Love jewelry when you see it. In the six or so years that she has been crafting earrings, rings, bangles, and the like, Love has established a distinctive style that takes its cues from traditional tribal African patterns and astronomy, botanical drawings, and even ancient Mexican folk art, giving each one of her painstakingly created designs the feel of a modern artifact. Besides earning a host of accessory-fiend fans with her popular talon and turquoise offerings, Love has also collaborated with the triumvirate of major retailers (J.Crew, Opening Ceremony, and Topshop), and attracted plenty of attention and magazine real estate for her own eclectic personal style (her wedding last summer at Montauk’s Ruschmeyer’s was chronicled by Vogue). Here, the New York native shares some of the local primping outposts and the products she relies on.

The Instant Refresh: Joanna Vargas
“I go to her salon for the light treatments and triple-crown facial—when you leave here, you actually look younger and more refreshed. It’s absolutely incredible. And she makes amazing products. Her daily serum is so perfect for everyday and is great at moisturizing.”
Available at

The Curl Conductors: Ouidad
“Ouidad Salon is great for anyone who has curly hair and doesn’t trust just any stylist to touch their locks. They really are the curl authorities.”
For more information, visit

The Wellness Authority: Dr. Frank Lipman
“I love Eleven Eleven Wellness by Dr. Frank Lipman for the amazing protein shakes and vitamins. Dr. Lipman has totally changed the way I see food. It’s more of a source of energy, so I’ve started trying to be much better about not eating junk, even when I’m stressed. His shakes are very important for vegetarians.”
For more information, visit

The Acupuncture Artists: YinOva Center
“Another great way for me to de-stress and clear my head is with acupuncture at YinOva Center. They have great practitioners who really get to the root of the problem.”
For more information, visit

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Fashion’s Tattoo Addicts, Baby Skincare Junkies, And Madonna, Still Sexy After All These Years


Freja Beha Erichsen, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham—all tattoo collectors. Trends come and go in a blink, but many fashion lifers can’t seem to get enough permanent ink. Refinery 29 created a guide to their favorite industry insiders’ body art. Check out Pamela Love’s seeing eye and Anna Sheffield’s Sanskrit stamps, among others. [Refinery 29]

L’Oréal opened its largest hair research center ever outside of Paris. It will house all sorts of innovative technology, as well as top chemists, scientists, and statisticians in the field. What it means for you: user-friendly hair dyes in a wider range of shades and more environmentally sound products. [WWD]

The baby skincare business is booming, growing more than 180 percent in the past three years. Choosy moms want the best nontoxic products for their infants, and that often means shelling out hundreds for cult brands like Mustela and California Baby. Apparently it’s never too early to become a product junkie. [NYT]

Madonna has always pushed boundaries with concerts, music videos, and crazy getups. Now she’s doing the same with the racy ads for her new Truth or Dare fragrance. The scent—”narcotic florals balanced with wood and vanilla”—is available exclusively at Macy’s in April and will launch worldwide in May. Her new MDNA album may be a little flat musically, but this campaign reassures us that when it comes to being a sex icon, Madge has still got it! [Daily Mail]

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Beauty And The Beat: “It’s All For A Good Cause: My Face,” Says Rock Icon Jennifer Herrema


Jennifer Herrema ranks pretty high up there on our girl crush list. Besides the impressive music résumé (she started the alt-rock band Royal Trux when she was just 16 and has gone on to front RTX and now, Black Bananas) and the fashion moments (there were the Calvin Klein ads at the height of the heroin chic era, followed most recently by an ongoing denim collaboration with Volcom), there’s her look, which despite years of hard partying hasn’t changed at all: Thick, eyelash-grazing fringe, smoky eyes, and a don’t-mess-with-me smirk still epitomize the nearly 40-year-old rock star. On the eve of Black Bananas’ debut album release, spoke with the music and style icon about how she’s maintained her beauty routine all these years, why she only uses dry shampoo, and her forthcoming collaboration with jewelry designer Pamela Love. Stumbling upon some juicy preliminary details about her new fragrance (that’s right; a signature scent is in the works) was a happy coincidence.

It’s hard to tell the Jennifer Herrema of 1988 apart from the Jennifer Herrema of 2012. What’s your age-defying secret?

You know, I have good genes. I chalk it up to my mom, she’s the same way. And I’m pretty healthy: I take a lot of vitamins, I eat super-healthy—I’m a vegetarian—I exercise a lot, and I spend a lot of money on face products. So part of it just might be psychological; I’ve willed myself into remaining the same via products and potions!

Tell me more about these alleged face products.

One is Euoko. They just use all sorts of really weird natural ingredients. The one that works really well, the Intense Lift Concentrate, was given to me as a gift. Then I was like, “Damn, this shit is awesome!” It’s super-expensive—it’s $500—but it lasted for a real long time, and I ended up buying it again for myself because it really is awesome. They do so much research, and it’s all for a good cause: my face.

How do you fit in exercise with touring, recording, and working on your various side projects?

In the summer months I surf, which is a major workout. Right now I’m just doing yoga and floor pilates. I also just completed a series of these vitamin B12 shots—they’re awesome—because I’m starting to feel sick. I went to a doctor across the street and he just straight up gave me a series of B12 shots—in the butt. They definitely helped my energy level, and I didn’t get sick.

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Skincare Secrets From Pamela Love


I like to tell myself that I’m a minimalist when it comes to skincare. “It’s no good for skin to be poked and prodded and rubbed all the time,” I like to say to myself. I tend to think that skin can suffer from over-attention, and that a lot of the chemicals in skincare products do more harm than good. “My skin can take care of itself,” this inner monologue typically continues. The reality, however, is that I’m just incredibly lazy. And incredibly lucky—I’ve never had to worry much about my complexion, so I haven’t. I’m beginning to suspect that my luck is running out, though, as my skin just doesn’t bounce back from travel or periods of intense stress the way it used to. To wit, two weeks after returning from London fashion week this season, I was still looking kind of gray and tired—old, in a word. I was almost ready to kick my minimalist mantra to the curb and invest in a medicine cabinet’s worth of product. Almost. “Go see my girl,” my friend Pamela instructed me. “She’ll change your life.”

Pamela is Pamela Love, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award-nominated jewelry designer and possessor of the best skin I may have ever seen, and her girl is Negin Niknejad, an aesthetician and Reiki practitioner based in the West Village. Niknejad whips up the product she uses in her treatments using organic, vegan, and raw ingredients. Think: coffee grounds, quinoa, avocado, and almonds, among other things. She starts her facials by spreading honey—a natural Vaseline of sorts—onto lips, and her gentle peel is activated with apple cider vinegar. Judging by the “yow!” factor, as well as the results, that peel does quite a job. I left her office glowing.

I also left her office with a daily cleanser—an exfoliating powder you mix with water—and bottles of oil and rosewater that Negin instructed me to mix together to make a moisturizer. For the past three weeks, I’ve been keeping to a schedule of nightly cleansing and moisturizing—a miraculous effort, considering my history, but a manageably minimalist regime that I’m willing to keep up. Especially given that, since I’ve seen Negin, I could swear I’m aging backwards.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (917) 538-2997.

Photo: Getty Images