September 1 2014

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A Spritz of Soleil


Eau-SoleilAll eyes have been on Paris today, with the Couture shows, but we’ve been looking to the City of Light for fragrance inspiration of late. A friend recently tipped us off to Parfums de Nicolaï, a Paris-based fragrance line created by master perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï, the granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain. Instead of crowding her scents with a multitude of extracts, Nicolaï prefers elegantly stripped-down blends with just a handful of essential oils, allowing each note to stand on its own. Case in point: her new Eau Soleil, a zesty fragrance that is composed almost entirely of neroli, an oil derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree that “brings light and sun,” according to Nicolaï. Spritzing it on reminds us of those classic citrus-based acquas popular all over Europe, but with a more sophisticated finish, thanks to the subtle back notes of Italian bergamot, lemon, sagebrush, and delicate flowers. As for how to wear it, we suggest not just misting your neck and wrists but also the backs of your knees and the nape of your neck, so the scent slowly rises and unfolds around you.

Photo: Courtesy of Beautyhabit