August 28 2014

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Paul Labrecque’s Rebalancing Act


I’m a sucker for any kind of head massage. I linger at the salon shampoo station like a puppy waiting for its ears to be scratched, and I tend to brush my hair far more frequently than actually necessary simply to feel the boar bristles rubbing against my scalp. So when I heard that the latest addition to Paul Labrecque’s treatment menu at its oh-so-posh Core Club location was noggin-centric, I didn’t waste any time booking an appointment. Developed by Pirkko Vaisanen, the in-house wellness specialist, the new Chakra Rebalancing service aims to reboot, realign, and repair your body, from the head down. Vaisanen, with her adorable Finnish accent and cheery countenance, scans your chakras (energy levels) with the help of a few crystals before placing rose quartz on particularly worrisome areas (my heart was fine; my spleen, not so much). Then, thrillingly, the attention turns to your head. Vaisanen begins with a thorough scalp stimulation using a dry brush before launching into a positively drool-inducing neck and skull massage that she administers with a customized herbal oil blend. Then she douses the entire scalp with Paul Labrecque’s Daily Moisture Mud Conditioner and swaddles the hair in a hot towel before shifting her focus to limbs. Employing Reiki techniques, Vaisanen places her hands on specific pressure points to assuage the built-up tension bubbling beneath the surface. The treatment’s final act is an incredibly soothing reflexology session on the feet that is administered with yet another herbal oil blend. Ninety minutes later you’ll feel what I can only describe as a state of absolute bliss.

Paul Labrecque at the CORE Club, 66 E. 55th St., NYC;

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Labreque