August 30 2014

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Slather On Your Vegetables


PEA (pee) / n. / 1. The small spherical seed of the herbaceous vine Pisum sativum, an annual plant native to the Mediteranean region; n. / 2. / Technically an edible fruit, a frost-hardy, cool-season crop that is more often considered a vegetable rich in folic and absorbic acid when used in cooking; n. / 3. / A hydrolyzed, antioxidant-rich plant stem cell protein that creates a nurturing environment for collagen synthesis when applied topically to skin, e.g., “Peas complement a fall casserole—and an aging complexion, too.”

Try it: Physicians Formula Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener with Hydrolyzed Pea Peptide Blend, $21.99,

Photo: Courtesy of Physicians Formula