August 20 2014

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2 posts tagged "Pedicure"

Power to the Pedi



I have finally resigned my feet to boots and, in doing so, have become totally unprepared for the quick beach getaway I’m taking over the Thanksgiving holiday. To get everything back into open-toed-shoe shape, I broke out the big gun: Clarisonic’s latest addition to the sonic-power family, the Pedi. This device, although it looks similar to the version designed for your face, should never be used to exfoliate your complexion. The motor on this model is far more powerful, and the oscillations more intense, in order to treat tough calluses. The system also comes with two heads (a metal smoothing disc meant to be used on dry skin) and a buffer (complete with short and long bristles, for a deeper cleanse). Used in conjunction with the three products included in the kit—a scrub (laced with lactic acid and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve rough spots), a peel (used twice a week to refine your skin’s texture via a combo of glycolic and lactic acids), and a balm (containing soothing shea butter, honey, and apricot oil)—this brush is guaranteed make your pumice stone look almost prehistoric.


Photo: Courtesy of Clarisonic

The Best Way To Boost the Economy? Spa, Spa, Spa!


If the recession has put the kibosh on your once frivolous spending habits, you will be thrilled to discover that there are some indulgences you need not give up—not yet, at least. According to a recent article, spending money on personal services like pedicures, facials, and massages, versus a pair of shoes with a three-figure price tag, is not only better for your body and spirit, it’s also better for the economy. The argument is that many of the personal service industry’s salons and spas are locally owned, and since much of their revenue goes toward paying staff rather than outsourcing labor, the majority of the money spent will continue to funnel back into the surrounding community. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to help rationalize that triple oxygen facial, here it is.