August 30 2014

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A Keepsake From Gaga, Tyra Reignites Controversy, And More…


First Pete Wentz, now Lady Gaga. With every purchase of the deluxe new version of her album The Fame Monster, the “Paparazzi”-singer will be giving out a lock of her hair, a personal note, and a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps this is what she meant by a “love game”?[Hollyscoop]

Painting models in blackface for fashion purposes is back in the headlines. This time, Tyra Banks is at the center of the debate. [Stylist]

If you don’t like your plastic surgery, ask for a do-over. There’s no reason your nose should be anything but perfect. [NYT]

There’s a whole new lexicon emerging to help “real” blondes keep their color the perfect shade of flaxen. If you still don’t know what shoe-shine highlights are, it’s in your best interest to read on. [Daily Mail]

The trick to a perfect pinup pout? Apply lipstick, set with powder, then reapply. This and other tips for that Dita-inspired Halloween costume you’re working on. [NYT]

Photo: Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

New Yorkers Could Bid Adieu To The Fish Pedicure, Michael Jackson’s Locks In Your Living Room, And More…


If Senator Jeffrey Klein has his way, New York will join 14 other states in banning the popular yet unconventional pedicure practice of letting a tub of toothless garra rufa fish suck dead skin off your feet. Let it be known: Big government takes away all the fun. [NYP]

First Elvis, now Michael. Jackson fans looking to keep a piece of the King of Pop alive can bid on singed strands of the singer’s hair circa 1984, when a production accident during the filming of a Pepsi ad left him almost bald. One word: gross. [The Sun]

In other creepy-keepsake news, locks of Pete Wentz’ hair will be included in the first 400 premium-edition orders of Fall Out Boy’s new CD. Blink-182′s Mark Hoppus, who sheared Wentz backstage at their recent MSG show, declared the haircut “the end of emo,” so at least something good has come of it. [CD Insight]

Cosmeceuticals aren’t the only beauty business that’s seen a boom during the recession. An increase in at-home manicures has meant that polishes and even artificial nails are still selling out at drugstores nationwide. If you haven’t gotten into DIY nail art quite yet, what are you waiting for? [Drugstore News]

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