August 31 2014

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Meet Tom Bachik, Chanel’s First Ever Celebrity Nail Artist


Tom Bachik makes for an unlikely manicurist. A California skater boy with a graphic design background, Bachik fell into the nail business in 1994 and has since built up an impressive clientele (ScarJo, Gwen Stefani, and Victoria Beckham are all fans). It’s thanks to his Hollywood cred that Chanel—a brand that has recently become as famous for its ready-to-wear nail polishes as its iconic quilted bags—quietly signed him as its first ever celebrity manicurist. We caught up with Bachik while he was helping his brother film an NYU student movie on Cesar Chavez in Arvin, California, and grilled him on nail art, how he landed one of the sweetest beauty gigs around, and that pale blue polish in Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video (yup, it’s Chanel).

So…how did a straight dude from California end up a celebrity manicurist?

Oh man, you know what, it was kind of one of those…not accidents, but maybe revelations, I guess. I’d originally gone to school for graphic design, and at the time I was into racing jet skis and custom-painting helmets and things like that. My wife and I were getting ready to have our first son, it was the middle of a recession, and the whole starving-artist thing wasn’t working anymore, so I needed to find a real job. Then one day we were having lunch with my cousin, who was going to school for hair, and he was like, “You know, during times of recession, both the beauty and the alcohol industries actually increase in revenue.” Because people want to look and feel good! And those simple cheap pleasures like polishing your nails can make you feel much better in spite of everything else that’s going on. And I said, “Yeah, but I don’t have a year and a half to go back to school for hair and makeup,” and he’s all, “No, do nails.” At the time nail school was three months and he knew people who had opened a salon after graduating who were bringing in six figures. That happened on a Thursday; on a Friday we checked out the school, and on Monday I started.

Were there any other guys in your class?

Nope. Nothing. There was not one guy in my class. And at the time the whole Asian nail salon explosion hadn’t even happened yet, so there were even less guys doing it than there are now.

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Lights, Camera, Peter Philips


Red lipstick has been on a comeback tour for the past few years, and the latest tribute to the pout color comes courtesy of Peter Philips’ backstage handiwork at last week’s Chanel Couture show. “It’s a real Courtney Love look,” Philips says of the matte pigment, a reference point he admits doesn’t necessarily conjure images of haute couture. But his rock ‘n’ roll adaptation of the classic beauty statement packed its own special brand of glamour, which was helped along by the grandeur of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs and that gigantic golden lion statue in the center of the Grand Palais. Click above to get an impressive, to-scale view of said statue and watch as Philips’ makeup magic unfolds. Bonus: The makeup mastermind gives us a teaser for a super-luxurious beauty product en route from Chanel that’s “going to cost a fortune.”

Chanel’s Guide To The Perfect Red Lip


“We wanted to have one makeup element stand out without taking away the focus from the collection,” makeup artist Peter Philips told us from the Grand Palais yesterday, where Karl Lagerfeld staged Chanel’s latest couture spectacular. As is so often the case—in both real life and the world of fashion fantasy—that one element turned out to be a strong red lip with a matching manicure courtesy of Chanel’s Le Vernis in Rouge Fatale. Paired with a modern, nude face, the overall effect was classy with an edge, or “haute couture makeup with strong street credibility.” Philips built his pout in layers, beginning with an outline and filled-in base of Chanel lip liner in Carmin, followed by a few lashings of his Rouge Coco lip color in Rivoli, a dark crimson, which he blotted with a tissue and set using Chanel’s translucent Poudre Libre for a matte finish and extra hold. This three-pronged approach will guarantee you long-lasting, strong color intensity, says Philips, and that will no doubt serve you well for the many days of lipstick-wearing you’ve got ahead of you come Fall.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Beat The Heat With Chanel Fall Makeup


Don’t be fooled by the heat wave that’s currently plaguing the northeast (it’s 99 degrees in New York right now—yes, you read right): Fall is on its way, at least insofar as the barrage of autumnal color collections that have begun hitting cosmetics counters this month. There are jewel toned-shadows, berry lipsticks, and deep shades of nail lacquer to be enjoyed en masse, but particularly exciting for us is Chanel’s latest offering. The plums, dark grays, and shimmering olive eye options are all there, paired with a surprisingly neutral lip palette of pinks and corals. The real standouts, though, come in the form of a three-piece limited-edition range of Joues Contraste Blush and, of course, a get-it-before-it’s-gone nail polish. Creative director of makeup Peter Philips devised Pink Explosion, Rose Temptation, and Plum Attraction to bring a unique flush to the face—Plum Attraction being our personal favorite for its unusually dark pigment. As for that polish, it’s Paradoxal, a metallic gray violet with a hint of shimmer. All four products are available for purchase online. Our suggestion: Buy now to play with them in the comfort of your air-conditioned home later.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Vacation Beauty How-Tos, Courtesy Of Chanel


“Relaxed girls who are enjoying their holidays” is how Chanel’s creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, described the effortless, natural beauty look he whipped up in Saint-Tropez last night for the house’s resort collection. So, how best to get the sunkissed complexions spotted on Georgia May Jagger and co.? That would be Vitalumière Aqua, a new lightweight foundation from the brand set to bow in a few months, blended with a few drops of Soleil Tan de Chanel, the popular bronzing fluid from its spring color collection. On the eyes, Philips dipped into his Ombres Contraste Duo eye shadow in Taupe-Délicat, working the shimmering beige hues across lids before softly brushing up models’ brows. Final efforts included coating pouts with an as-yet-unreleased pencil rather than a lipstick or gloss, a few coats of mascara, and multiple pumps of a new Chanel eyelash curler, which was also gifted to Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger and other members of the audience. As for the hands, where most Chanel beauty acolytes direct their attention when Karl Lagerfeld’s sartorial extravaganzas begin, nails were painted with baby blue polish for what Philips referred to as “a touch of playfulness.” The lacquer only serves to further demonstrate Philips’ newfound dedication to pastel varnishes, and will hit stores (and wish lists) at the end of the year.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel