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2 posts tagged "Philip Pelusi"

Philip Pelusi Makes Waves


If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of forgoing a post-beach shower to preserve the perfect hair texture that only a hefty dose of natural saltwater and sun can provide, you can now wash away that lingering ocean smell without sacrificing those summer waves. Beachcomber, the latest USDA-certified organic product from stylist Philip Pelusi’s P2 line, uses organic cane juice granules, grapefruit, lemon oil, apricot, and milk thistle to increase volume at the root and create the kind of separated strands that keep Gisele in such high-demand (her perfect proportions don’t hurt, either). The styling paste also multitasks as a clarifier, removing environmental toxins, excess oil, and product buildup. It currently ranks at the top of our things-we-are-excited-about-for-summer list, next to the long-awaited opportunity to break out our collection of cutoffs and gladiator sandals, of course.

Photo: Courtesy of Philip Pelusi

Tela Organics, Still Number One


If you missed last summer’s beauty brawl, in which salon owner and master stylist Philip Pelusi’s Tela Beauty Organics and Horst Rechelbacher’s Intelligent Nutrients vied for bragging rights as to who was in fact the first haircare line to launch with products bearing the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval, we’ll spare you the suspense: Tela came out on top, and to the victor went the spoils (which in this case meant opening a small case of “I told you so”). As it turns out, Pelusi’s 12-piece collection, which boasts a unique base blend of 35 organic USDA-certified ingredients plus formula-specific add-ons to enhance each product’s individual efficacy, is both revolutionary, and, well, just plain good stuff. I recently got around to trying the Healer, one of two products to have passed the USDA’s rigorous trial process (the rest of the line is 80-85% organic), and have been using it in place of my favorite synthetic styling cream to the tune of no more frizz and an incredibly smooth texture. Its mix of shea butter and argan oil works well with my post-shower air-dry ritual that includes a temporary bun for a sleek-on-top, wavy-on-the-bottom finish, although applying heat apparently increases its conditioning effects. It’s also great as a refresher for dry hair that needs a bit of luster in between washes.

Photo: Courtesy of Tela Beauty Organics