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Origins Barks Up The Right Tree


ANOGEISSUS / an-oh-gee-sus/ n./ 1. A genus of trees that includes the species A. leiocarpus, a tall evergreen native to West Africa that often grows on the edges of the rain forest, along riverbanks, and in the Savanna; / n./ 2. Leaves that, when crushed, produce a yellow-hued pigment that is used in traditional African textile dyeing; / n./ 3. A holy tree in Burkina Faso called “Siiga” by locals, meaning “the soul;” / n./ 4. Medicinal bark that produces a rare microbial extract that is a natural wound healer with anti-aging properties that protect collagen and boost the skin’s production of the glycoprotein fibrillin, which helps increase firmness, e.g., “Get colorful and give your complexion a lift with anogeissus.”

Try It: Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-Aging Cream with Anogeissus, $55,