August 21 2014

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Madonna, Sans Retouching?; The Baby Food Diet; And More…


In Madonna’s racy cover shoot for Interview magazine’s June issue, fishnet stocking marks are visible on her torso, leading some people to suggest that Madge is the latest celeb to go PhotoShop-free in an editorial cameo. Close-ups of her insanely perfect face and biceps suggest otherwise, though. [Daily Mail]

It’s been a busy week for celebrity diet news. From master cleanse abuse to portion control techniques, we’ve now arrived at the baby-food meal plan. Jennifer Aniston is reportedly the latest A-lister to try trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson’s new pureed food program, which involves 14 servings of baby food a day followed by a healthy “adult” dinner. Solid food is overrated anyway. [Huff Po]

In the new issue of Lucky Magazine, Katy Perry admits that pre-rock superstardom, she was too poor to buy makeup and—gasp—also suffered from acne. Thank goodness for that Proactiv spokesperson deal, huh? [MTV U.K.]

Those of you lamenting the fact that Lady Gaga was a Met gala red carpet no-show will be happy to know that pics of the singer from inside the event have surfaced, featuring Gaga in a selection of Prada suits and long, flowing gray hair. The dye job is a welcome change, as far as we’re concerned; we were starting to tire of those egg yolk highlights. [The Cut]

Photo: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Interview Magazine, June 2010

Mary-Kate Olsen Works Some Off-Kilter Magic


In a move that was equal parts Prada pigtails circa Spring 2010 and Givenchy’s Fall 2010 low-lying ribbon-tied ponytail, Mary-Kate Olsen put her own spin on runway-ready hair this weekend at the opening of Lend Me a Tenor on Broadway. The actress-cum-fashion designer wore a single pigtail held in place by a piece of sheer spotted fabric (or are those feathers?), letting the other side of her hair fall down in soft, unstructured waves. It lacked symmetry, obviously, but added additional texture—and quirk—to her layered all-black look. We might appear slightly deranged in a similar style, but she’s making it work, don’t you think?

Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraks Photo

Twiggy Takes Her Wrinkles In Stride; The Fancification Of Drugstores Rages On; And More…


Twiggy is embracing a “getting old gracefully” mantra, publicly swearing off Botox while adhering to a time-tested skincare regimen that includes a “heavy, thick English cream” and “popping a packet of frozen peas” under her eyes to reduce bags. However, she does admit to being open to some youth-enhancing procedures, extreme Photoshopping, we gather, chief among them.[Stylelist]

As anyone who has been into a Duane Reade recently can attest, drugstores are upping their game. On-site makeup consultants, eyebrow bars, and niche product ranges are just a few of the things you can expect to find at your local purveyor of toothpaste and other such necessities. Fancy department stores, be afraid. [WSJ]

The beauty industry’s ever-growing green movement now mandates that it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts. Prepare yourself for a “sustainable packaging” onslaught, one that will hopefully include more of those boxes embedded with seeds that sprout when planted. Love them. [NYT]

File this under things that will likely be making its way to an infomercial near you soon: the “bumkini” is a bra for your posterior designed to be worn under pants to provide the kind of derriere that could’ve earned you a spot on the Prada Fall runway. Curves are in, don’t you know? [Daily Mail]

If the vinegar smell proliferating out of the bulk vats at the Whole Foods Market on Bowery hasn’t already tipped you off, fermented kombucha tea has become a wildly popular beverage to soothe what ails ya—from boosting your immune system to better digestion and everything in between. Never mind the fizzy sour taste. That’s how you know it’s working. [NYT]

Photo: Joel Ryan / AP Photo

Prada Does Perfume For Him And Her


Loyal readers of this blog will remember our excitement over Prada’s Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger when it debuted last April. Packaged in a collector’s box printed with a beautiful Art Nouveau pattern taken directly from the Prada textile archive, the orange-blossom scent quickly earned a spot on our perfume must-haves list. Apparently, the brand intends on riling us up on an annual basis. After debuting its new Lara Stone-fronted ad campaign right here, Prada has finally released the latest limited-edition scents in its Ephemeral Infusion collection. While we’re finding Infusion de Tubéreuse, which boasts a mix of Indian tuberose, petitgrain bigarade (an essence made from the leaves of the bitter-orange tree), and hints of dynamone to balance out the floral/citrusy notes, a bit sweet for our own taste, we’re quite drawn to Infusion de Vetiver, the first masculine eau de toilette in the series. Tarragon, Madagascan pepper, and purple ginger—which has a surprising grapefruit undertone—combine for a fresh and spicy scent that wears well with our female pheromones. We’ve actually taken to layering the two, which may not be how they were intended, but gives us an excuse to keep both bottles out so we have a clear sight line to the contrasting floral and geometric prints that grace their respective bottle caps and flacons.

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

Prada Nabs a Stone-Cold Fox


At Prada’s recent Fall 2010 runway show, catwalker Lara Stone, a.k.a. the Body, a.k.a. the anti-model, was the ultimate picture of classical, patrician beauty: lips pursed; pale, freckled skin left nearly bare; thick, flaxen hair pulled tautly back into a high bouffant-bun hybrid. Add a prim, fifties-style swing dress and the erstwhile sexpot became a Stepford Wife. But did she still manage to smolder? Yup. In her latest turn as the new face of Prada’s sumptuous summer scent Infusion d’Iris, Stone is back to her Bardot-channeling ways. Tousled hair, check; kohl-rimmed eyes, check; sultry pout painted a shade of nude and parted to reveal her famous gap, check. The ad, shot by Prada regular Steven Meisel, captures Stone’s pitch-perfect combination of sweetness and insolence, and managed to remind us of another one of our all-time favorite blondes: Kim Basinger circa 9 ½ Weeks.