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2 posts tagged "Precycling"

Kiss My Face’s Greenhouse Effect


Before it was trendy to eat organic and Whole Foods Market was but a conglomerate- builder’s fantasy, Kiss My Face was making all-natural face and body products out of a converted barn and feed store in the Hudson River valley, where it remains today. Managing to stay true to its eco-conscious roots while continuing to serve as a pioneer in the industry, the brand reveals its “greenhouse” this month—an innovative effort that showcases its moisturizers, liquid soaps, shave creams, and body oils in an in-store display that’s made from 90 percent recycled materials—from graphics printed with non-polluting water solvent inks down to the steel-built nuts and bolts. The initiative comes as the company enters into a partnership with RecycleBank, an organization that rewards consumers for recycling trash in their own neighborhoods, and in anticipation of its new Potent & Pure line—an organic face-care regimen that’s sold in 65 percent recycled packaging and is produced using wind power. Precyclers, rejoice.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiss My Face

Join The “Precycling” Revolution


Cosmetics industry higher ups are wary of the burgeoning consumer power of precyclers, a.k.a. people who avoid products with too much packaging or that produce too much waste. Apparently, there’s a growing fear that this fringe group of Nalgene-carrying, bulk-shopping, presumable Crocs-wearers will influence a larger trend in the way people do or do not choose to buy cosmetics. And it’s causing a stir among large companies that might inevitably have to cater to—get this—a higher demand for natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. (Need we issue a “get with the program, people,” or has our sarcasm already come across?)

Photo: Getty Images