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The Comeback Kid


clinique-calyxA cult classic from the eighties is returning to counters in full force this month: Calyx. If you wore this iconic scent in its heyday, you already know that it was revolutionary in relation to the heady olfactory hits at the time (i.e., Dior Poison, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Calvin Klein Obsession, and Charlie, “The fragrance for the fast lane”). Instead of evoking the femme-fatale vibe, this spritz was exactly the opposite: fruity, clean, and decidedly refreshing. The tangy top notes of grapefruit, mango, bergamot, and papaya were juxtaposed with a light floral heart (cyclamen, lily of the valley, and freesia), then rounded out by a base of musk, sandalwood, and vetiver. The finished product was citrusy, green, and instantly recognizable in that decade of excess. The only thing different about the blend this time around is that it’s stamped with Clinique (in lieu of Prescriptives—the Estée Lauder umbrella the fragrance originally fit under), and you likely aren’t pairing it with shoulder pads.


Photo: Courtesy of Clinique

Reminiscing With…Olivia Chantecaille


Dior_resizeBeauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Olivia Chantecaille, creative director of Chantecaille Cosmetics

The Product: “With my mother being from Paris, perfume played a prominent role in our home and upbringing. When I turned 13, my mother encouraged me to find my first fragrance—one that would suit me and be an extension of myself. She brought me back a bottle of Diorissimo, by Christian Dior, from Paris, which is a lovely, delicate scent of lily of the valley and embodies the beauty of innocence and youth. It felt like an important beauty rite of passage as I was entering the world of cosmetics and embracing a ritual loved by my mother and my grandmother. They showed me how to lightly spritz it on the back of my neck, right under my hair, so it would never be overwhelming. That way, the fragrance transforms and becomes your own, never smelling the same on two different people. This fragrance helped to solidify my love of flowers and how to incorporate them into my beauty routine. When I felt like I had outgrown Diorissimo, I moved on to a fragrance my mother created while at Prescriptives, called Calyx, a very modern creation based in green florals that suited me as I left the nest for school and work and explored the world on my own. Soon after, when we launched Chantecaille Cosmetics, we introduced a collection of natural floral fragrances, and I immediately fell in love with Tiare, with notes of refined Tahitian gardenia—a symbol of love. As I look back, I can fondly say that the perfumes I have worn have helped define me and are reminiscent of the special times in my life. They are like an olfactory photo album.”

Prescriptives Signs On


When Prescriptives announced that it would be pulling its products from stores back in 2009, we were heartbroken. Like other devotees of the company’s custom-blended foundation and its Magic Liquid Powder (our own beauty secret weapon), we desperately tried to figure out how to replace the products that had become staples in our makeup bag. But while the entire line had been removed from retail outlets, it was quietly given a new lease on life online, information that wasn’t deliberately kept private, per se, but wasn’t made super public, either. Now, after realizing that its skin savers are very much still in demand, the brand has unveiled a full-scale digital overhaul to help better suit its beefed-up virtual presence. Operating under the tag line “Established in 1979, Refreshed in 2011,” the new Prescriptives experience was actually inspired by the very customers who have been mourning its loss; Web pages include video testimonials from 19 of the brand’s most avid supporters, now called “PX Passionistas.” Significantly more user-friendly and boasting helpful how-to videos and Q&As, the site currently sells 45 of Prescriptives’ most popular products, including its False Lashes Mascara, an array of foundations (there’s a short quiz to help you find the perfect one for you) and the Super Line Preventor serum, with the promise of future additions to come if the desire is strong enough. We’re currently in the process of starting a campaign for the reintroduction of its sadly discontinued Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara. Any takers?

Prescriptives Goes Down For The Count


First Max Factor, now this. In a statement made yesterday, the Estée Lauder Companies announced that it will be closing the global wholesale distribution of its Prescriptives brand by January 31 of next year. According to the official press release, the brand’s long-term business model is “no longer viable given the current market environment.” Its e-commerce site will remain functional for shipments within the U.S. while inventory lasts, though, so if, like us, you’ve come to rely on the unprecedented lash length and fullness that only Prescriptive’s Motor-Eyes can deliver, you might want to buy in bulk. [Reuters]

The Cosmetics Industry’s Biggest Rock Star


MICA/(my-kah)/n./ 1. A sheet silicate mineral characterized by a near perfect atomic arrangement that creates a series of hexagonal crystals in two varieties—brown, or Phlogopite, which contains iron and magnesium; and clear white, or Muscovite, which contains potassium and aluminum; /n./ 2. Derived from the Latin word Micare, meaning “to glitter,” in reference to its brilliant appearance; /n./ 3. A popular ingredient in mineral makeup that provides a hypoallergenic alternative to talc and a translucent glow to skin, e.g., “Learn to love mica, the all-natural sparkler that keeps your skin glistening sans irritation.”

Try it: Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup, $32.50,

Photo: Courtesy of Prescriptives