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In Bed With Rita Ora: The Star Shares Her After-Hours Beauty Routine and the Prince She Parties With in Her Dreams



In this feature on Beauty Counter, we ask a revolving cast of celebrities and industry insiders to spill their best bedtime stories and nightstand essentials.

What products do you take on tour to guarantee a good night’s sleep?

I always travel with these four things: a lavender pillow—it’s really good. It’s silk-covered and it’s got lavender leaves in it. It makes me go to sleep. A candle, a blanket, and a rose oil to keep my skin moisturized.

What is your go-to rose oil?

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery [Concentrate].

What about a favorite candle?

I’m not that picky. I mean, Jo Malone is always great, or Diptyque.


Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?

Yeah, I’m always on the right. I’m always anywhere close to the door. It’s just so I can get out quick if something happens.

What kind of sheets do you curl up in?

Oh, gosh. Growing up I didn’t even think I had an option—I just got what I was given. I guess just really nice cotton. Ralph Lauren sheets are always nice. I don’t like anything stiff.

What do you wear to bed?

Chanel No. 5. No, I’m joking! Honestly, though, nothing. I don’t really like wearing clothes in bed.


Is a sleep mask the one exception to the naked rule?

Sometimes. If I’m in a hotel and the curtains aren’t too strong. I like [the room to be] really black and dark. And my [sleep masks] have lavender in them.

Is there a certain hotel that you sleep better in than others?

The [Mercer Hotel] is good because they have electric blinds that go zzzzzz and it blacks everything out.


Yeah. You don’t even have a curtain. It’s like the shield in I Am Legend.


What’s the best the party you’ve ever been to?

I was at a person’s country house…I’m not going to say the name because, you know, it’s private. But literally, when you’re in the middle of the countryside in a field, there are no noise complaints, no one can hear you, and you can stay up until whatever time. It was a ball. We had a massive party in a barn. It was incredible. And we slept in a tepee.

How was sleeping in a tepee?

So good. It was the best night of my life.

What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Oh, my God. So I had this dream the other night. Basically, Kate [Middleton], the baby, and the royal family went on holiday, and for some reason I was best friends with Prince William. He came to pick me up—and I’ve never met Prince William—in his matte, black Porsche. No, it was an Audi two-door, actually. And he said, “The family’s out. I’ve only got one night to party. Let’s go.” I was like, “Cool! Let’s go!” And then I struggled to get in the car because it was so low, and then I got into the car and I was like, “William, why is your car so low? I can’t even, like, get down!” And he was like, “Just get in. Let’s go. Close the door.” So we got in the car and we ended up at my friend’s house and everybody looked at me like, “Why did you just walk in here with Prince William?” And I’m like, “Yooooo, Prince! The kid’s out! Yes!” It was so weird, and then I woke up. It wasn’t even like I fancied him or anything. But, you know, everybody wants a prince as a friend.

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Justin Bieber Calls Prince William Out on Hair Loss; CC Creams The New BB Creams?; And More…


Prince William’s thinning hair has been a topic of considerable speculation since the Royal Wedding last year, and Justin Bieber recently called the future king out on his mane, saying, “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over there?” Be careful what you say, Justin, karma comes around. [Telegraph]

This year, the beauty industry has been buzzing about Blemish Balms, a.k.a. BB creams, which combine primer and tinted moisturizer into one, and now there’s a new wave of products with an equally catchy alliterative nickname. Color control, or CC, creams, are touted to go one step beyond, providing similar coverage with the addition of nourishing ingredients. Could DD creams be far behind? [Refinery 29]

The New York Times reports a rise in hair transplants, cosmetic tattoos, and topical treatments aimed at achieving fuller eyebrows à la Cara Delevingne, Brooke Shields, or Kim Kardashian. For such matters, we remain trusty fans of the good ol’ brow pencil. [NYT]

Mohawks are now trending, thanks to Bobak Ferdowsi, the flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission, who became an Internet sensation overnight for rocking the punky style. Think we will see those on the runway next month? We doubt it. [Guardian]

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Say It With Scent: A Royal Welcome For Wills And Kate


Royal watchers enjoying Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour of the Great White North were no doubt thrilled to see today’s pictures of the couple at the Calgary stampede—cowboy hats and all. But the moment everyone south of the border has been waiting for—the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s U.S. arrival—is upon us. The pair has reportedly touched down in California and the House of Creed is ready to greet them. The famed family-owned fragrance company that dates back to the eighteenth century has long ties with the British crown, having served as perfumer to Queen Victoria, and more recently creating its Royal Water as a tribute to Princess Diana. For the newlyweds, the brand has prepared a special preview gift of Royal Oud, a woody oriental due out in October. Meant to evoke the scent of a gilded, marble-encrusted Persian palace, the bergamot, cedar, galbanum, Indian oud, and Tonkin musk eau will be presented to William and Kate at the Santa Barbara Polo Club tomorrow, when the Duke himself will be playing in a charity match for the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. The Creed polo team, which is unfortunately otherwise engaged on Saturday, has also made a donation in the couple’s honor to one of their favorite charities; Tusk USA is a non-profit devoted to tracking down African poachers.

Photo: Courtesy of House of Creed

Fergie Gets Intense; William And Kate Make Their Eaux Face; And More…


Fergie is expanding her Avon fragrance empire. After her first offering, Outspoken, shattered the company’s sales records, she has embarked on Outspoken Intense, a fruity-floral that features notes of kumquat and starfruit. It’s meant to mimic that moment right before the Black Eyed Peas front woman goes on stage. “My heart starts beating faster. The adrenaline kicks in. That’s the feeling.” [WWD]

Fellow rocker Gwen Stefani also has a successful string of perfumes to her name, but the No Doubt singer’s real passion is makeup, which she’s been wearing since the seventh grade. “I’m very vain,” she deadpans. “I love the visual.” [NYDN]

In honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 nuptials, famed perfumer Clive Christian will be gifting the newlyweds his-and-hers versions of his No. 1 Perfume, valued at $11,000 for the set. Talk about the royal treatment! [WWD]

Another day, another towering, colorful Nicki Minaj wig for us to enjoy. [Daily Mail]

Look out, Blow NY. L.A.’s Dry Bar is branching out into the New York market, which means the competition for a great, quick blow-out just got a little stiffer. [WWD]

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images