August 21 2014

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Prince, Still Charming


2013 Billboard Music Awards - ShowBetween the never-ending red carpets in Cannes and last night’s Billboard Music Awards, there was an overwhelming amount of heart-stopping beauty on display across the globe this weekend. But it was Prince—not Carey, or Rooney, or Kirsten, or Nicole—who managed to stop us in our tracks. The man, the symbol, the best Super Bowl halftime performer who ever was or will be, received a Billboard Icon Award in Las Vegas, performing with a Jimi Hendrix-esque afro and mint-green-turtleneck-and-bell-bottom ensemble, as well as some very impressive eye makeup. Not only did the Purple Rainmaker line his upper and lower rims with a black kohl, extending the stroke into a smudged, elongated flick, he used a gold pencil to carefully trace the inner corners—an editorial trick that acts as a highlighter to open the eye area. Not that this was ever in question, but the guy’s still got it—don’t you think?

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Designer Fragrance: The Good, The Bad and the Trippy


Vanessa Bruno has officially entered the beauty game. The French designer has just inked a deal with Biotherm to release L’Eau, a limited-edition perfumed mist that will debut in France in October (yes, we will try to get our hands on an an advance copy while we’re in Paris for the shows). [WWD]

Perfume collaborations can, of course, be less sweet and more sour. That’s what Prince recently discovered when he was ordered to pay $4 million to Revelations Perfume & Cosmetic after backing out on a deal to support 3121, a signature scent named after his album of the same name. [NYDN]

They can be down right trippy, too. After the debut of a few teasers, Dior’s much-anticipated new commercial for J’Adore Dior has finally broken—and it was worth the wait. The ad stars the fragrance’s long-standing face, Charlize Theron, alongside a surprise supporting cast that includes Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe—all digitized in surprisingly realistic fashion. [Huff Po]

Prince, “In Hiding” From Fragrance Moguls


Don’t expect to see Prince making public appearances anytime soon to promote 3121, the unisex fragrance he launched last year. According to New York magazine’s blog The Cut, the Purple One, who apparently signed a contract with the perfume licensing firm Revelations to promote the fragrance in various ways, has gone M.I.A., and as such is being sued by the French company. As far as we’re concerned, though, this is better for business. Part of the singer’s mysterious allure is that he’s not all that accessible. If he were out and about, signing bottles at Macy’s, we’d actually be less likely to purchase his fragrance. His “disappearance” should be viewed as a brilliant marketing scheme that will no doubt increase sales when his next fragrance in the 3121 line hits counters in 2009. At least our interest is piqued.

Photo: David Atlas / Retna.