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Privé Does Big Hair By Way Of The Amazon


Famed French stylist Laurent Dufourg’s luxe line of Privé hair and spa products is famous for its formule aux herbes: a blend of lavender, sage, and other nourishing sprigs and greens culled from Dufourg’s native soil. But for his new Concept Vert collection of eco-friendly haircare, he headed in a different direction—due south to the Amazon rain forest, to be exact. The tropical environment produces antioxidant-rich açaí berries and moisturizing babassu oil, both of which play a major role in the range’s recently launched Volumizing Froth. The product is a non-aerosol mousse (the first for Privé) that comes out of the bottle like a lotion but magically foams up when you rub it between your palms. Unlike traditional mousses, this one is free of parabens and artificial ingredients that can dry out hair and create that dreaded crunchy texture for which mousse gets a bad rap. While the foam has a thin texture—don’t expect a big mound to form in your hands—it made our hair so thick and full, it was like a bicycle pump had inflated our strands with cushiony air. Even better, the volume lasted all day and into the next morning without any signs of grease. Another discovery: If you massage your roots, it reactivates the product, giving you a sexy, tousled lift. Only a quarter-size amount is needed to work through most hair lengths, which means you can get a dozen applications out of a single bottle. And when it’s kicked, you can take the bottle to a Privé salon to have it recycled.

Photo: Courtesy of Privé