August 29 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Fight the Good Fight


Heather Stewart-Whyte by Philip Newton, ELLE FR, 1994“A woman’s glamour war paint is an absolute necessity.”

Some view cosmetics as a frivolous luxury, but putting on your game face—whether you’re entering the boardroom or heading home for the holidays—is crucial. It completes a look, helps erase the stress, and can even give you an edge. A study financed by Procter & Gamble, led by Nancy Etcoff, clinical professor of psychology at Harvard, found that women who wore makeup (albeit not too much) were considered more “competent” than women who wore none at all. Since every day, especially during this hectic season, feels like a game of survival, we’ll take any advantage we can get. Lipstick doesn’t come in bullet form for nothing.

Photo: Heather Stewart-Whyte by Philip Newton, Elle France, 1994, courtesy of

Sephora Does Denim, Paris Gets Served, and More…


Fans of beauty and fashion one-stop shopping may want to sit down for this one: Sephora has announced plans to launch a denim line. Its new Lerock jeans collection is being called Lift Up, referring to its ability to push up posteriors. So far, rollout plans include Italian retail stores only, but fingers crossed the U.S. gets a piece of the action as well. [WWD]

Looks like this summer’s “celebutantes vs. the law” story isn’t over. Paris Hilton may go before a judge if the lawsuit that a hair extensions company is filing against her goes to trial. Hairtech International Inc. is suing Hilton, alleging that she wore a competitor’s locks in 2008 and skipped out on launch party hosting duties back in ’07. One can only hope she makes like LiLo and dabbles in expressive nail art for her day in court. [NYDN]

Procter & Gamble may not be ready to go all organic, all the time with the ingredients in its popular personal care products, but the beauty giant is planning to use eco-friendly sugarcane-derived plastic to package select lines from brands like Pantene Pro-V and CoverGirl. Baby steps. [MSNBC]

Full disclosure: Khloe is our favorite Kardashian. And while we hate the Lakers (that’s right, we said it), we also kind of really like Lamar Odom—he just seems like a nice guy, no? That being said, the couple’s just-announced unisex fragrance will definitely find its way into our celebrity perfume collection, earning coveted placement somewhere in between Derek Jeter’s Driven and Britney’s Fantasy (it’s a classic!). [E!]

Photo: Courtesy of Lerock

Interior Fragrances Fit For A Queen


While taking a sabbatical in London, beauty biz veteran Sean OMara, who cut his teeth at Estée Lauder and Procter & Gamble before joining Murad, stumbled upon an old book at a Notting Hill antique stall. When he flipped through the pages of what turned out to be an eighteenth-century apothecary manual, he discovered a slew of recipes for elixirs and olfactory remedies created for the ruling European monarchies of the time. And so, he did what anyone with a beauty background would: He went back to L.A., duplicated the fragrance formulas, and started a lifestyle brand. Royal Apothic boasts six subtly beautiful room sprays and corresponding luminaries (home candles) that literally take a page out of the tome from whence they came: High Tea—an Earl Gray-based eau with notes of bergamot, cedar, limes, and cloves—comes in a box that’s wrapped in Venetian linen paper and topped off with a hand-tied ribbon. The range just hit the shelves at the Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center, so for those of you who waited until the last minute to buy that housewarming gift or birthday present for your mother (we’ve got two shopping days left), a heads-up.

Photo: Courtesy of Royal Apothic


CoverGirl Taps A Hero For New Campaigns


CoverGirl upped its diversity quotient today with the announcement that it will be adding Heroes star and Dominican beauty Dania Ramirez to its roster of spokesmodels. Ramirez joins Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, and Ellen DeGeneres as the newest member of the easy, breezy, beautiful pack, and told that she intends on bringing “a story of struggle and hard work” to her new post. She went on: “Not speaking the language [when I got to America] and trying to figure out my definition of beauty, you learn to recognize the beauty in all of us.” That no doubt pleased her new employers at Procter & Gamble—you can’t write a better inspirational endorsement than that. She will star in print and television ads beginning January 2010.

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer / Wire Image

P&G Brings Daytime Drama To China


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve watched some Days of Our Lives in my day, predominantly in my school years, when I could capitalize on daytime television if and when I stayed home sick. I must’ve been too wrapped up in the Marlena/possession plotline to realize the subtle product placement at play, but apparently Procter & Gamble has been using the genre to reach women consumers in the U.S. for years. As evidenced by its decision to close down all American-based Max Factor operations, however, it seems to be setting its sights on new markets—and new media. According to an article from the Dow Jones Newswire, the company has apparently commissioned an online soap opera in China, with Max Factor products playing a starring role. The soap tells the story of two young professional women—one is a fashion editor and the other is a makeup artist—who use only P&G beauty products (commercials for Head & Shoulders and Pantene are interwoven throughout the show). Viewers can even argue with each other about love and life through an online forum, send text messages to guess the next episode’s content to win free gifts, or directly buy P&G products online. After some success, the show’s second season is being planned as a more open-ended model that will allow audiences to change the plots of each episode. The Internet: What can’t it do?

Photo: Courtesy of Max Factor