August 27 2014

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The 411: Rachel Comey


Rachel Comey is among a select group of designers whose name will always, even among the most discerning fashion followers, elicit immediate nods of approval. Comey first launched her eponymous, New York-based line in 2001 with menswear only, but after women took note of her meticulous tailoring, she decided to broaden her scope two years later. Nowadays, her singular aesthetic—which favors easy, vintage-inspired silhouettes in an array of eclectic prints—has earned her widespread devotion, while her shoes have acquired an almost cultlike following; just watch how quickly they fly off the shelves at a sample sale. Here, the longtime downtowner shares some of her local beauty essentials.

The Midday Pick-Me-Up: Catch a Fire at Melvin’s Juice Box
“A spicy juice in the middle of the day really gets me going.”
132 West Houston Street,

The Handsome Haircutter: Pasquale at Ion Studio
“Another way to spice it up is to have your hair cut by a handsome Italian man—even if he’s the husband of a friend!”
41 Wooster Street,

The Face Refiner: Isabelle Bellis
“My friend Leanne turned me on to this little nugget of a NYC experience. Isabelle Bellis will make you feel and look like you slept for a week in a bath of moisturizer. And the Joëlle Ciocco products she uses and sells are a pleasant way to turn in at night; the scent of the face cream soothes me to sleep.”
For more information, visit

The Pro Tips: Neutral Territory
“For some reason nail polish makes me feel claustrophobic. I like a shocking color now and then but mostly stick with getting them buffed.”

The Signature Scent: The Afternoon of a Faun by Etat Libre d’Orange
“Justin Bond is an amazing performer that reminds you why you moved to this city in the first place. He offers a poignant, gritty, romantic, and hilarious point of view, and the scent he created [with Etat Libre d'Orange] helps to remind me of those things every time I pass a chain store opening up.”

The Life-Giving Lather: Invigorate from Como Shambhala
“This is a long story with a happy ending, about me accidentally going into labor at their hotel in the Caribbean, an evacuation by speedboat at midnight through the ocean, with a little healthy baby boy as a result. Despite all that, I couldn’t forget their amazing shower gel and had to order some.”
For more information, visit

The Trusted Yogi: West Village Yoga’s Alex Auder
“If you haven’t had a yoga class with Alex, you haven’t lived.”
311 West 11th Street,

The Chinese Massage: Spring Wellness

“Lucy delivers a serious elbow to the mid-back and always mentions how tight my shoulders are. She’s superstrong, though.”
215 Mulberry Street, NYC, (212) 219-2189.

Photo: Takemi Photography