August 30 2014

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Glow On


I have a real “only in New York” kind of apartment. It’s a super-affordable, decent-sized one-bedroom, with an office, an eat-in kitchen, and a huge backyard. It’s actually nothing like a New York apartment, except for the fact that my landlord gives new meaning to the word negligent. That said, those shower renovations that were three months in the making, and only supposed to take three days, have taken a full week already and are nowhere near done. This means I have a gaping hole in my bathroom floor that stares right into our extra-creepy basement—and no functional shower. It also means I have been taking my time at the gym. Following my irregular regimen of running and swimming, I now do post-workout (René Furterer) hair masks; I luxuriate in rubbing an extra-thick, all-natural body salve into every square inch of my body; and I’ve recently taken to doing full-on face masks as well. This week, I toted Radical Skincare’s new Instant Revitalizing Mask along with me and have some great things to say about it. The hydrating formula—created by Radical cofounders, sisters Rachel and Liz Edlich, to help nourish travel-weary pores—starts out a transparent peachy color but becomes a rich white foam as you blend it over cleansed skin. Here’s the cool part: It’s infused with oxygen, so as it builds up, the potent dose of moisturizing botanical extracts, antioxidants, and essential vitamins are activated—a process you can actually feel. “It’s like Pop Rocks,” Rachel told me, referring to the sizzling sounds the mask makes as it targets dehydration. Three to five minutes later, or about the time it takes me to finish up my body-care regimen, you rinse it off, leaving a glowing, cell-stimulated complexion behind. My boyfriend showered me with compliments when I reluctantly made my way home that night—a small consolation for being without an actual shower.

Photo: Courtesy of Radical Skincare