August 30 2014

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Rahua’s Dry-Spell Remedy


RahuaThe calendar might say mid-July, but the state of my hair looks a lot more like late August. Sun-faded color; itchy and irritated scalp, due to serious product build-up; and ends with a dry, almost straw-like consistency. Yup, before I turned my now waist-length locks over to Max at New York’s Mizu salon, an airy enclave in midtown, it had definitely seen better days. Thankfully, my hair was in very able hands, both with Max, as well as Rahua, the cult-favorite line that is the star of a new treatment aimed at rebooting even the most discontented coifs. Avowed hair-care naturalists are likely already well aware of the goodness that is Rahua. Based entirely around high-performing organic ingredients sourced from the Amazonian rain forest, the products all have a skin-care-like feel and efficacy. The treatment starts with a thorough double shampoo to strip away product residue and ready the hair for the deep conditioning to come. Next, Max whipped up a batch of the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, and carefully applied it to my hair, combing it in from root to tip, letting extra pool at the ends. As the treatment settled into my strands, Max indulged me with a lengthy and vigorous scalp massage. After rinsing it out, Max dabbed a bit of the Rahua Finishing Treatment into my hair before blow-drying it into soft waves (the heat actually helps seal in the product). Just under an hour later, my summer-broken hair had been fully repaired—a luster and shine I hadn’t seen in months was restored, my color appeared significantly more vibrant, and my ends looked, well, happy. Rahua recommends not washing your hair for at least twenty-four hours afterward—a particularly easy instruction to follow, considering my head smelled like a bouquet of exotic fruit. All in all, a remedy we can definitely get behind.

Mizu, 505 Park Avenue, New York, NY,