August 27 2014

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The 411: BECCA’s Rebecca Morrice Williams


Rebecca Morrice Williams’s path to beauty superstardom started out as these things often do. While working as a makeup artist in her native Australia, Williams could not find the perfect foundation that provided the right shade range, finish, and wearability, so she created her own. After six years of scientific research and endless product testing, her namesake BECCA beauty line was born on the back of this notion of the perfect face base. A full range of skin-perfecting pigments (her best-selling Beach Tints, included) followed a decade later, many of which now stock the makeup bags of Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts, Helena Christensen, and a host of other groomed and glossy A-listers. With an ethos that is grounded in the importance of healthy, glowing skin, it was no big surprise that Williams ascribes to a beauty-from-the-inside-out mentality. Here, she shares her skincare secrets and beyond.

The Daily Dose: Take Your Vitamins
“I’m a firm believer in supplements—I see them as a kind of insurance policy for my health. My extensive list of vitamins consists of fish oils for my skin and hair, zinc for my immune system, magnesium, which is great for everything from your teeth to your muscles and mind, calcium, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C.”
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The Skin Savior: Deborah Selway
“I see Deborah Selway at Rejuva for all of my nonsurgical skincare treatments.”
4 Barker Ave., Como, Western Australia 6152, +61 (08) 9368 1573,

The Makeup Must-Have: Personal Best
“Our new BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector is my skin staple. It’s a bronzing crème and primer in one and gives the perfect amount of color and coverage yet still feels slightly lightweight on the skin. My face is always lighter than my body, so this product allows me to darken my face but still look natural.”
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