July 11 2014

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This Red Lipstick Changed the Game


bourjoisThe pro: Laurice Rahme, founder of Bond No. 9 fragrance

The product: “When I was 24, I was living in Paris and working in the antique business. I remember visiting the Porte de Clignancourt flea market and finding this gold-and-black refillable lipstick case. It was the mechanical kind that you had to push up or down, and it was probably from the forties or fifties. Inside, there was a red lipstick from Bourjois, which had such a specific smell. You could only find this smell in old, old lipsticks—a mixture of rose and candy. Almost like you had a candy in your mouth, and then inhaled rose. Because I was young, I dared to use the lipstick, but I did use a brush and tried it on the back of my hand first. The color was a true red, a blood red. I loved it, and I’ve been wearing red lipstick ever since. That smell of the Bourjois [tube] stayed with me so much that I even captured it with one of my own fragrances: Bryant Park, which has a strong scent of rose and raspberry as the candy sweet note, along with pink pepper. I still have that original case, and I’m sure it cost peanuts. I didn’t have much money at the time, so it was probably the equivalent of a few dollars. But now I think it looks very expensive!”

Lily Donaldson’s Lesson in Red Lipstick


BURBERRY, LISA PHILLIPS, STEFANO TONCHI, and SUKI WATERHOUSE Host Dinner in Honour of NEW MUSEUM ArtistsI’ve always had a thing for red shoes (it probably all started after watching The Wizard of Oz), and seeing Lily Donaldson at last night’s Burberry dinner in New York City reminded me how much of an impact they have on an ensemble—especially when paired with color-coordinated lips. (No wonder the Wicked Witch of the West was pissed when she didn’t inherit those ruby slippers.) The notion of matching your footwear to your handbag and belt is a hackneyed rule, but pairing your stilettos with an equally attention-grabbing hue feels decidedly fresh. A megawatt tube worth trying: Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red, $30.

Chloë Sevigny’s Lips of a Geisha



“Chloë’s signature has always been a red, but we wanted something a bit brighter for the season, so we added more orange into the mix,” face painter Daniel Martin explained of the bespoke poppy-crimson blend created for Chloë Sevigny to wear to the Met Gala. While this hue has long been considered a beauty classic, it’s the first bullet for Japanese skincare line Tatcha. “We started by studying the original ‘geisha red’ together, which is a particular shade of vermillion made from Japanese safflower,” explained the brand’s founder, Vicky Tsai. “Then, under Daniel’s direction, we evolved it and made a dozen variations for the last four months to get the right shade, texture, and finish.” Only two fiery tubes were created (at least for now)—one for Sevigny, who arrived on the red carpet in custom Kenzo, and one for her date, Opening Ceremony cofounder Carol Lim. There isn’t a hard-and-set date for the release of this custom cosmetic, but if it’s anything like the Tatcha gold-leaf lip balm or Camellia Cleansing Oil, it’s bound to make it into our highly selective rotation of reds.

Yes, You Can Wear Red Lipstick


Red lipstick demonstrated its range at Rodarte’s book signing yesterday. Karolina Kurkova contrasted her fair skin and platinum blond strands with a matte crimson hue, while Francesca Vannucci complemented her olive complexion and cocoa-colored curls with an orangey tone. And whoever said redheads can’t pull off red lipstick obviously hasn’t seen catwalker Irina Kravchenko, who kept her makeup fresh and simple with a cherry-tinted gloss and matching earrings. No matter how you swipe it, this bold beauty classic is bound to flatter—and instantly upgrade your look.

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Bill Clinton Is On the Hunt for Fragrance Candidates, Red Lipstick Not Safe For TV, and More


red lips

At the Fragrance Foundation’s inaugural program, former President Bill Clinton revealed that he doesn’t use cologne. “Really,” he said, “I don’t think about it. I just try to be hygienic. I’m more worried about picking the right kind of toothpaste.” [WWD]

Mr. (former) President, we have a suggestion that will satisfy your sweet tooth: Crest is launching a line of candy-flavored toothpastes. Crest Be will include flavors like Lime Spearmint Zest, Vanilla Mint Spark, and Mint Chocolate Trek. [Refinery29]

Teen television hosts of the weekly BBC children’s series Friday Download have been banned from wearing red lipstick because it’s “too sexy.” Nothing ruins impressionable young minds faster than a scarlet woman. [Daily Mail]

Kiehl’s ventured across the bridge and opened up shop in the BK. In celebration, they’re offering free skateboard lesson passes while supplies last. Way to blend into the hood. [Brooklyn Daily]

Photo: Tommy Ton