August 27 2014

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2 posts tagged "Refining Arm Cream"

Orlane’s Babe in Arms


Orlane-Arm-CreamAs a rule, we’re typically wary of topical cellulite-reducing creams that promise to tone and slim limbs by merely slathering on blood-flow-stimulating and muscle-contracting ingredients. “The question remains how much of any of these ingredients is really being absorbed into the skin to cause any long-term effect,” dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley once explained to us, confirming our suspicions. Still, the fact remains that these lotions remain incredibly popular this time of year. We understand the fascination, of course; getting yoga-fied arms without all the yoga sounds like a dream come true—and just might be possible, if you’re buying what Orlane is selling, which a lot of people apparently are. The French brand’s Refining Arm Cream is reportedly a best seller at Neiman Marcus and promises to increase definition and “visible firmness” to arms, with shiitake-mushroom extracts that boost the activity of collagen to enhance tone, Peruvian chamomile to reduce the formation of fat cells, and sweet-almond proteins that act to help restore definition. The application instructions are no joke: The directions suggest applying the luscious cream in circular motions in upward strokes toward your heart, twice a day, for six weeks straight—no breaks—which means by August 1, the joy of tank top wearing could take on a whole new meaning. Beauty challenge, accepted.

Photo: Courtesy of Orlane

Shiitake: The Little Mushroom That Could


SHIITAKE /(Shee-Tak-Kee)/n./ 1. A specific type of mushroom or fungi, also called Lentinus edodes, that is native to Asia and possesses no roots, leaves, flowers, or seeds; /n./ 2. A symbol of longevity in China because of its immune-boosting properties, which have been used medicinally in the region for more than 6,000 years; /n./ 3. High in kojic acid, which can temporarily tighten skin and prevent the formation of too much pigment for a brighter, more even complexion, e.g., “a compulsory addition to any stir-fry, shiitake will also keep your skin firm and radiant.”

Try it: Orlane Paris Refining Arm Cream with shiitake extracts, $85,

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s