September 2 2014

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Ten Steps For The Definitive DIY Pedicure


News flash: Winter boot season is over. This weekend, we put our lace-up oxfords in storage and now there’s no looking back. To spruce things up for the days of T-straps and peep-toes ahead (click here for 24 pairs of our favorite summer sandals), we consulted legendary manicurist Jin Soon Choi, of Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa in New York City, and April Foreman, an L.A.-based manicurist whose well-lacquered clients include Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez, for some at-home advice. Here, a rundown of the essentials you’ll need for professional pedis, no trip to the salon needed.

Step 1: Set the Mood

We don’t like to get too froufrou about pedicuring at home (no palm tree toe dividers, please), and neither do the experts. When setting up her personal space for nail painting, Choi just prefers to fill the air with Brazilian or African tunes—Bebel Gilberto and Oliver Mtukudzi are on her playlist—and light a NARS Acapulco candle. “I love cocoa and vanilla scents; this one is magical.”

Step 2: Perfume the Waters

Nothing preps your feet for a pedicure better than a good ten-minute soak, says Choi. She likes to add essential oils, like Napa Valley Bath Co. Organic Lavender Essential Oil, into the lukewarm water. In a pinch, a bit of Epsom salts or even hand-softening liquid dish soap also helps remove dirt and soften calluses, Foreman adds.

Step 3: Use Salves and Stones

Buff thickened skin with a pumice stone (Choi’s tool of choice is Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone since “it has a long handle and is easy to use”) and apply a healing foot balm, like the ultra-nourishing Napa Valley Bath Co. Lavender Hoof Cream. Foreman also likes Kerasal Exfoliating Moisturizing Foot Ointment, which combines salicylic acid with glycerin to slough and hydrate your feet at the same time.

Step 4: Get in Shape

File rough nails into uniform shape, push back the cuticles, and rub in a few drops of olive oil—yes, olive oil; it’s rich in antioxidants to protect delicate skin from sun exposure.

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The 411: Ji Baek


The 411 is a new feature on Beauty Counter, in which we ask some of our favorite experts to reveal their go-to gurus for everything from manicures and highlights to perfumers and holistic healers. Because when it comes to being the best in beauty, it takes one to know one.
Ji Baek doles out lots of pampering touches at Rescue Beauty Lounge—the chic downtown nail spa she opened more than a decade ago, where La Mer manicures and oxygen-therapy pedicures are par for the course. In her own life, though, she’s decidedly more low-maintenance. The stylish nail expert would much rather touch up her roots at home than spend two hours with her hair in foils at the salon. Her idea of relaxation is wandering around the farmers’ market in Union Square for fresh strawberries or flipping through old books, which is usually when inspiration strikes to create new shades for her hit polish collection. Baek isn’t totally bare-bones in her beauty routine; she does splurge on a few well-chosen items when it counts (two words: skin creams). Here, she shares her edited list of essentials.

The Pro: Ji Baek

Founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge.

The Lacquer: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Color in Bangin’ and Plié

“I’m obsessed with Bangin’, a hot red coral, and if I want to tone down the brightness, I love wearing Plié, a nude-pinky that’s the same color as the chiffon skirt of a ballerina. I wear the same color on my hands and toes—always matching, that’s my rule. For next season, I was really inspired by flipping through this book of brocade prints, so I’m playing with that concept for the fall collection.”

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Color, $18 each,

The Hair: Serge Normant at John Frieda

“But only for cuts. Going to the salon for anything else takes waaaay too much time.”

Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon, 825 Washington St., NYC, (212) 675-0001.

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A Polish For Pacifists


Now that the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq has come and gone, an increasingly loud call for peace has been resonating in our country—in more ways than one. For her fall color collection, Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Ji Baek has expressed these sentiments in nail-lacquer form—an olive-green color that resembles military fatigues, to be exact. Aptly called “No More War,” the polish is an unusual, albeit intriguing shade that’s definitely not suited for all beauty junkies intent on taking up the cause. A test run with a fair-skinned friend this weekend proved as much, although I’m happy to report that the color worked wonders on my more swarthy complexion. If you should care to dabble, however, a set of glistening camo tips will add extra impact the next time you throw two fingers up in protest.

Photo: Courtesy of Rescue Beauty Lounge