April 21 2014

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Lady Gaga’s Shimmer Effect Shows Up At The Grammys


Since Lady Gaga started sporting those sparkle-heavy eye patches last year, crafting glimmering shapes well past your peepers has caught on like wild fire. At last night’s Grammy Awards, Russian pop star Nadeea went with a silver homage to the Fame Monster, while Billboard chart-topper Ke$ha opted for a less blatant multicolored glitter salute, equipped with some heavy black liner for an “I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” effect. If you don’t want to take it quite to those extremes, you can still do high shine with style. Case in point: Rihanna. She opted for a silver opalescent shadow and some individual, spaced-out lashes, which can have as much impact as the in-your-face stuff, especially if you mind this helpful tip from makeup artist Mylah Morales: “Use a wet brush to apply your shadow for increased opacity and staying power.” If it looks that good on RiRi, it just may be worth a test run at home.

Photo: Kyle Rover / Startrack; Gregg DeGuire / PictureGroup / AP Images

MJB Takes The “Rihanna” For A Spin


Over the past few months, Mary J. Blige has been working a short, choppy hairstyle cut close to her scalp. But we’ve noticed something a bit different about her coif as she’s been making the publicity rounds in support of her new album, Stronger With Each Tear. At a promo gig yesterday, her hair was noticeably blonder, a little bigger, a little higher, a little more…Rihanna? MJB appears to be taking some cues from the “Russian Roulette” singer, who’s out and about on a press tour of her own for her new record, Rated R. We kind of prefer Ms. Blige with the boy cut, but maybe that’s just us. You?

Photo: From left Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images; Todd Williamson / WireImage

New Hair Heroics: Hollywood Glamour, Out; Amphibious Sea Creatures, In


“Gone is the day of the perfect updo,” Redken creative consultant Guido Palau recently declared over a preholiday lunch to discuss next season’s biggest hair trends. Palau has said goodbye to the pristine twists and turns of yesteryear and is advocating instead a new era that utilizes these same classic shapes with unexpected textures and a little less precision. “I tried to create a lot of variation on what real women—not just 16-year-old models—can wear,” he said of his most recent runway portfolio, which includes the coveted over-the-shoulder braids at both Alexander Wang and Miu Miu, not to mention Prada’s pigtails and the mattified turbans-cum-chignons he coiffed backstage at Lanvin. “If a piece falls out or bobby pins are visible, all the better.” As for inspiration, there’s one place Palau isn’t looking these days: the red carpet. “I’m not really inspired by celebrities right now—except for Rihanna—because they all appear to be going to the same hairdresser,” he joked, pointing out that the long waves and hair extensions popular with the Hollywood set shouldn’t necessarily be emulated. “We need to communicate change!” he stressed. Change, like the amphibious ridges he sculpted at Alexander McQueen? “Well, fashion is there to amaze us, too,” Palau countered. “Not always to be worn, but to be marveled at.”

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Rihanna’s Pink-Eye: Highly Contagious?


Rihanna has been shirking her statement-lip responsibilities of late, choosing instead to sport a high-gloss nude pout to recent events and focusing most of her attention on her eyes. At the launch party for the Nokia X6 in London last night (where RiRi also showcased some of the new tracks off her record Rated R), she went with spiky, separated lashes and a thick fuchsia line to accentuate her lower lid only. Do you like the subtle splash of color happening due north of her uncharacteristically muted mouth?

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Rihanna’s New ‘Do: Is Too Much Blond A Bad Thing?


Rihanna toyed with the idea of going blond during the Paris shows, where she debuted a thick flaxen streak, but now she seems to have embraced the color wholeheartedly. The singer was spotted in New York yesterday with the top half of her floppy coif almost completely bleached out, a new incarnation of an old style that she paired with a pale pink/lavender lip. We prefer her darker lip ventures and the more classic pompadour or gelled spikes she’s been known to sport, but always appreciate her willingness to experiment. You?

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images