April 21 2014

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A Cut Above the Rest


Beyonce Pixie Cut

Beyoncé reported, via Instagram, that she pedaled her way to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the final concert of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour before she takes off for the U.K. But her earth-friendly form of transportation wasn’t the only surprise she had planned: She uploaded three pics of her newly sheared, blonde pixie to her feed late last night and set the Twitterverse abuzz. (I like to think of Queen Bey breaking out the scissors as the beauty equivalent of the big reveal of Prince George Alexander Louis.) While she won’t be whipping her signature mermaid waves anytime soon, I’m sure she’ll find a way to rock this short and chic cut onstage. And I can’t help but wonder if Beyoncé’s inspiration was Rihanna’s curly crop, which she sported earlier in the week, or if it was just an unfortunate case of bike-helmet hair that fueled this chop viewed round the world.

Photos: Instagram

Rihanna Shows Up Bedazzled in Barbados; Detox With Three New Bottles From BluePrint Cleanse; and More


rihanna instagramRihanna took to the streets of her native Barbados with sparkles on her face and a cropped curly cut in lieu of long, gray (or shall we say #Brrr) locks to celebrate the Crop Over festival. Naturally, she completed the look with wings worthy of a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a diamond-encrusted (and barely there) bikini. [Instagram]

While you used to have to wait for a cooler to arrive via courier or stop by select spas, starting August 15 you can pick up three new flavors (carrot lemon, kale apple lemon, and orange grapefruit lemon) of BluePrint Cleanse juices at Whole Foods. [Refinery29]

Getting inked isn’t new (just ask Cara Delevingne), but this roundup of photos dating back as far as 1920 sheds light on the ladies that started the tattoo trend. [Daily Mail]

Go ahead and indulge—the Huffington Post reveals five beauty benefits of dark chocolate. From giving skin a moisture boost to promoting healthier hair, we’re stocking up on the sweet stuff stat.

Photo: Instagram

Forty is the New 20 for Cosmetic Procedures; Downstairs Dye Jobs; the New Fountain of Youth Elixir; and More


fountain-beauty-molecule-food-supplement-review_resizeMost gals will tell you they want to look 25 forever, but that goal is unrealistic for a certain subset of “high-powered New York professional women of a certain age” and their go-to dermatologist, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, profiled in The New York Times today. The doctor’s patients, “who do not want to be forced to downshift their careers because of a perception that they are too old…seek not so much the fountain of youth as its corollary, eternal early-middle age”—somewhere between 45 and 55. Maintaining a less-is-more philosophy, Alexiades-Armenakas uses a combination of peels, laser treatments, and custom-developed skincare products to achieve a more natural look.

Speaking of the fountain of youth, The Telegraph posted a report today about Fountain The Beauty Molecule, a new beauty elixir that delivers a strong dose of resveratrol, the potent antioxidant found in red wine, which has anti-inflammatory and antiaging benefits. According to the company, one teaspoon of the concentrate (the first water-soluble resveratrol supplement on the market) each day is all you need to start seeing results. Drinking to your looks is something we can get behind.

Technicolor tresses are nothing new, but colorful dye jobs down there? The bikini area is a brave new territory for London-based hairstylist Alex Brownsell (who owns the popular salon Bleach and is the mastermind behind the tresses of Florence Welch and Sky Ferreira, and, most recently, Rihanna’s ice-gray locks). According to Brownsell, “We’ve done multicolor, pink and blue hearts—hearts are very popular—tie-dye, and leopard print.” She continued, “I found waxing more intimate than the dyeing; the dyeing is quite chilled out.”

While 53 percent of respondents to a recent U.K. survey admitted to purchasing beauty products from celebrity lines (from the likes of One Direction, Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, and countless others), 52 percent of participants said the star-backed potions are “not good value for money” or poor quality. To be fair, 87 percent specified they preferred labels created by more likable household names such as Iman, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, and Cindy Crawford, who seem to know what they’re doing—and look like it, too.

Beauty 411: Ursula Stephen


URSULA-STEPHEN-FINAL-2_resizeHer personal choices might often elude us, but when it comes to all things hair-related, Rihanna always has our undivided and rapt attention (like, say, last week, when she went gray, or, as she dubbed it, “brrrr”). And the woman usually responsible for RiRi’s chameleonic hair ways is stylist Ursula Stephen. Her three favorite moments in Rihanna’s hair timeline? “When we went red, the short black ’do we did for the Teen Choice Awards a couple of years ago, and the short blonde look for her ‘Hard’ music video,” she says. Besides tending to celebrity tresses (she also counts Mary J. Blige and Kerry Washington as clients) and working as a Global Ambassador for hair-care line Motions, Stephen recently opened her first salon, in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood; a thrill for those of us who call the 718 home. “I’d always thought of opening my own place, but this just feels like the right time in my life and career to do it, so when I got a call about a space, I couldn’t pass it up,” she explains. And lest you think she’s too busy to attend to us common folks, Stephen insists that though her schedule will vary from week to week, she will definitely be logging plenty of time at Ursula Stephen the Salon, 66 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, (347) 457-5834. Here, the busy stylist shares some of her own beautifying go-tos.

“At the Olympic Spa in L.A., you get scrubbed down like a baby by these superstrong women…in front of everyone! Don’t be shy about it. You will leave feeling like you have new skin!”

3915 West Olympic Boulevard, L.A., (323) 857-0666;

“This fragrance manages to be so many things at once: pretty, sophisticated, rich. And I have to say, the men love it. I first discovered it at a spa in New York, and now it’s absolutely one of my faves.”

$68, at

THE GO-TO COVER-UP: Kevyn Aucoin
“Hands down the best concealer out there. It’s always a lifesaver for me.”

Available at

“I actually first discovered it after I got a bad burn from a curling iron. It helped heal that and turned out to be such a great moisturizer. I especially like it for the rough areas, like my knees and elbows. Plus, it gives skin an amazing glow.”

Available at drugstores.

“The perfect blush for summer, if you’re going for that ‘I don’t have on any makeup’ kind of look.”


THE HAIR THERAPY: Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment
“It’s the best conditioning treatment around. I recommend it to all my clients and, naturally, use it on myself religiously, too.”

Available at drugstores.

“It really is one of my favorite stores. I find all my trendy pieces there that I then mix in with designer stuff.”

“I love this place in Brooklyn. They do next-level mani-pedis! The ambience is beautiful, the staff is attentive, and every service is great. Also, mimosas. Enough said.”

1082 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, (718) 636-0600;

Rihanna Goes Gray; Introducing the Five-Minute Facial; Kate Bosworth’s Doable Fitness Plan; and More


riri_resizeSometimes it seems that Rihanna changes her hair more often than she does her outfit, and last night her fans went wild when the songstress posted a series of selfies on Instagram that revealed her new icy-gray tresses. “Bad Gal RiRi” wrote, “Call it #Brrr,” and “Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!” Kristen McMenamy and the other silver foxes out there will surely agree.

With the rise of convenient, in-and-out blow-dry bars and quickie manicure spots, it was only a matter of time before facials moved into the express lane. Southern California company Skin Laundry is offering noninvasive laser treatments that stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin in five to ten minutes, for on-the-go customers. While the services are still only offered on the West Coast at this point, New York skincare entrepreneurs are sure to take notice.

It’s still high bikini season, and boot camps remain a popular exercise option for men and women looking for a tough workout and quick results. The Guardian broke down the fitness fad, offering pointers on how to choose the right program: “Make an effort to find out what the culture is like—from the level of fitness to how much interaction between members there is, even down to the type of music they play—and make sure that it fits your personality,” they recommend. “Find out if they provide a nutritional framework to up the ante and complement their training programme. If they don’t, think twice. Nutrition is a key part of any exercise programme and if they’re not addressing it they’re not looking after you properly.”

There’s no denying that Kate Bosworth is consistently one of the most beautiful, best-dressed women in any room. The stylish actress, and face of SK-II, spoke with Marie Claire, sharing everything from her favorite Twitter handles to follow (@michelleobama and @lenadunham) to her go-to beauty products (SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Cream EX, naturally) to her workout routine: “A mix of running, boxing, and weights. I think if I can do it four times a week, that is excellent, but it’s more like two times a week.” Reasonable enough, right?