August 29 2014

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Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Ads Come Under Fire; Rihanna’s Manicure Must-Have; And More…


After almost a year of ad-banning across the pond over excessive photoshopping and unsubstantiated claims made in beauty campaigns, CoverGirl has voluntarily removed ads for its NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara, including the spots featuring spokesmodel Taylor Swift, after the U.S. National Advertising Division (NAD) alleged that the images made unsupported assertions about bigger, fuller lashes. [HuffPo]

Rooney Mara’s on-screen makeup look in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, courtesy of Pat McGrath, is detailed below, but off-screen Mara is all about tinted moisturizer, concealer, pressed powder, NARS Multiples, and a surprise fragrance she discovered on the movie’s set. “When I was screen-testing for [The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo], all of my clothes had this smell on them. I asked the wardrobe lady, and she’s like, ‘The woman who makes the clothes, it’s the smell that she puts in it.’ That woman has a candle and a perfume line, so I do wear her perfume—Agatha Blois Carnival Wax, Black Amber.” [Allure]

It isn’t only metrosexuals buying those expensive, just-for-men products these days. According to recent studies (and our Year in Beauty feature), men have changed their attitude in the past half decade and now view well-maintained skin as an investment in professionalism instead of as a vanity mark. The biggest draw: multitaskers, like sunscreens that double as moisturizers. Embracing a 12-step beauty regimen will presumably come with time. [NYT]

Ever wonder how Rihanna maintains a near-perfect manicure, be it zebra-striped, black, red, or cheetah? The answer is CND Shellac. Apparently, Ri-Ri was one of the polish hybrid’s first celeb fans. [Us Weekly]

Photo: Courtesy of Proctor & Gamble

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo—And Very Smoky Eyes


The suspense surrounding the release of the film adaption of the Swedish thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has been almost as gripping as the novel itself: First we learned that David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network) would be directing the project, then it was rumored—and later confirmed—that the not-so-Swedish Daniel Craig would star as the male lead. Next came the unexpected twist of casting the doe-eyed Rooney Mara as the film’s darkly seditious title character. And then the plot thickened even more: Legendary face-painter Pat McGrath was enlisted to be the makeup expert responsible for transforming Mara into a stone-cold, kohl-eyed computer hacker. After receiving a personal e-mail from Fincher—one that almost went overlooked—McGrath flew out to the set in Sweden to design more than 20 looks to be used in the film trilogy. Here, she talks to about bleached eyebrows, letting “raw” skin show through on camera, and why a red smoky eye reads better on screen than black.

How did the journey with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo begin for you? Had you met David Fincher before?

No, I had never met him before. He sent me an e-mail out of the blue asking me to do the makeup for the film in July, when everybody is on holiday and everything shuts down. I don’t think I saw the e-mail for weeks. Once I realized it was David Fincher himself, I was very excited. I immediately said yes, and the next thing I knew, I was flying out to Sweden to meet David, his team, and Rooney.

You’ve worked in many different capacities at this point, but had you done movies before?

No, this was my first. I’ve always wanted to do movies, and to start with David is amazing. It was all completely new.

Did you have an idea for how you wanted to do the makeup right away?

The moment I heard that Rooney got the part, I thought, wow, the hair has to be short and we have to bleach the brows. As soon as I saw her bone structure and her skin, I knew that I could take her look in so many different directions.

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Rooney Mara Is Lisbeth Sander; Franca Sozzani Talks Aging Gracefully; And More…


Rooney Mara took her role as Lisbeth Sander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo really seriously—so seriously, she’s finding it difficult to transition back to her pre-GWTDT self. “My wardrobe has completely changed. It had to, partly because of my hair and partly because I stopped feeling comfortable in what I used to wear,” the one-time brunette says. It looks like Lisbeth’s severe black crop, rail-thin bod, and paler-than-pale complexion are here to stay. [Monsters & Critics]

In other book thrillers-turned-forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster news, the on-again, off-again Hunger Games nail polish collection from China Glaze is back…on. [Examiner]

The economy may still be in recovery mode, but plastic surgery rates have never been higher. Can’t afford that tummy tuck? Finance, finance, finance. [Daily Beast]

Franca Sozanni could do without all the nipping and tucking. The Vogue Italia editor is of the mind that “surgery is good when it’s [to help fix] a psychological problem. It helps you to feel more confident. But if, at my age, I have to put Botox in my face and not move, it doesn’t change anything, and I will not look younger…and your children, they won’t forgive you. They don’t want you to be someone else. They want you to be their mother.” Advantage, Sozanni. [Huff Po]

Photo Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Rooney Mara Looks The Part


We’re aware that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn premiered last night in Los Angeles, generating thousands of pictures of Kristin Stewart and her on-screen cohorts. But ignoring that media blitz was a no-brainer when confronted with pictures of a transformed Rooney Mara at the 8th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. For your compare-and-contrast pleasure, we present to you exhibit A, a pre-The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo snap of the actress that was taken just a year ago—during which time Mara favored long chestnut curls and minimal makeup—alongside exhibit B, a post-Lisbeth Salander Mara, in which the actress sports jet black bowl-shaped fringe, perfectly groomed brows, a deep berry matte lip, and well-executed spider lashes. If this is what happens when you star in what will surely trump Twilight as the next big book-to-film blockbuster, we’re all in. You too?

Photo: Getty Images