August 20 2014

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Fresh Goes For Rose Gold


We recently had the pleasure of clanking Champagne glasses with Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman at a dinner party to launch Fresh Moments, the Boston-born brand’s new Web-based video series. Conversation turned to beauty, as it often does, and Glazman revealed that 11 years after its release, his hydrating, skin-soothing Rose Face Mask is still one of his all-time favorites from the line. And he’s not the only one; since Fresh beefed up its presence in China with stores in Beijing and Hong Kong last September, the aromatic, cooling gel that is infused with pure rosewater and real rose petals has been a huge hit on the Asian market, which got Glazman and his co-collaborator, Alina Roytberg, thinking expansion. Enter their new soap-free Rose Cleansing Foam and Rose Hydrating Gel Cream. Both products boast the same pure rosewater and cucumber extracts as their predecessor to balance and calm complexions, and while the Cleansing Foam gently washes away impurities, boosting moisture with evening primrose oil and plum seed oil, the Gel Cream uses algae, free radical fighting-rhodiola root extract, hyaluronic acid, and angelica leaf extract to nourish and rejuvenate with a lightweight texture that is never overbearing. It’s the perfect summer skincare solution, if you ask us—made even better if you keep the gel cream in the refrigerator; if for some inexplicable reason, you’re still holding out on installing your AC unit, this little tip will help you go that much longer.

Available July 2012 at select Fresh stores.

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone