August 21 2014

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Katniss Returns!


Fresh off her Oscar win on Sunday night, it looks like blonde beauty Jennifer Lawrence isn’t so blonde anymore. With her Silver Linings Playbook run officially over, the actress is set to return to the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to play the brunette Katniss Everdeen, which might explain why she stepped out of the Rossano Ferretti salon in Los Angeles this morning a shade of deep chocolate brown. There is indeed no rest for the weary. Thoughts on Jennifer’s drastic dye job?

Photo: ADTJ/AKM-GSI/ courtesy of The Daily Mail

The Envelope, Please: The Right Way To Leave A Tip At The Hair Salon


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail celia

The Quandary: Will my stylist really know if I’ve left a tip in one of those little envelopes at the front desk, or is it best to hand it to him directly? How much should I be leaving?

The Expert in Residence: Adam Campbell, celebrity hairstylist at the Metodo Rossano Ferretti salon in Beverly Hills.

“It’s customary to tip 15 to 20 percent of the total service for your stylist, along with something for the assistant or shampoo person—five to twenty dollars is a good rule of thumb. But give more if she’s given you an extra massage during your shampoo, fed your parking meter, ordered your lunch, made you a special coffee or drink…It’s important to remember that unless your stylist is the owner of the salon, the salon will take anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of the service total, and that your stylist relies on those tips as a source of income. Most salons don’t allow you to add a gratuity on a credit card, so bring cash. If for some reason you’ve forgotten to bring cash, double up on your tip on the next visit or drop a check in the mail if it will be a long time before you see your stylist again.

It’s completely acceptable to either leave your tip at the front desk or to hand it to your stylist. Just don’t expect a long exchange if he’s already started the next client. It’s best not to interrupt and wait a moment to hand the tip to him. Usually my hands are full so [clients] either leave the envelope on my station or—depending how close we are—place it in my back pocket. When leaving cash at the front desk, include your name on the tiny envelope. I worked at a salon with a stylist who shared my name and when a client forgot to leave their name on it, it was often a difficult task at the end of the day to figure out who the tips belonged to!”

Photo: Courtesy of Rossano Ferretti

Shadow Dancing With Rossano Ferretti


Italian hairstyling impresario Rossano Ferretti is making global moves—and fast. Last year saw the expansion of Ferretti’s international salon system to Paris, New York, and L.A., and in January, Ferretti set up shop in London, bringing along “The Method,” his token cutting system that, as far as he’s concerned, is the first major invention in haircutting since the 1960′s. “This is a technique that you cannot learn in three to four days. The more you do it, the better you understand it,” the L’Oréal global ambassador told on a recent visit to his new U.K. digs while he watched the movements of a protégé.

The experience starts with a meeting between client, colorist, and hairdresser. Here, a history is taken—face shape is discussed, eye/skin color scrutinized, options explored, and even nutritional advice dispensed. An application of color follows, but no foils (“foils are too regimented, so mechanically placed,” colorist Jack Howard explains. “I prefer the balayage technique, which makes it seem like you have been kissed by the sun on holiday.”) Then, following a body-numbing Shu Uemura Ceremony head massage, it’s time for the cut, which is heavy on the texturizing scissors and entails a bizarre shadow dance with quick, 360-degree motions in which hands move around the body, while feet shift constantly in a Muhammad Ali-meets-Mikhail Baryshnikov kind of way. The cut itself is always downward, in stark contrast to the traditional upward snips of most other procedures. “We work with gravity to enhance the contours of the face, the neck,” says Ferretti’s artistic director Pol Garcia. “We also learn not to cut when it is not necessary. Our belief is that each head of hair is different, so each cut is different”—no cookie-cutter Jennifer Aniston bobs here, thanks.

None of this comes cheap, of course (sessions with Ferretti himself can cost upward of $1,500), but you’re paying for quality—and ambience. Ferretti is a master aesthete, whose salons internationally are found in important architectural buildings. His new London space is situated in the former home/office of William Morris, with all of the astonishing Morris-era black chandeliers and wallpaper left intact. “You don’t go to a hotel just to sleep, do you? In the same way, you don’t go to a salon just for hair. It’s a total experience.” Mark it down on your LFW must-see list.

17 St. George Street, London, 44-207-493-0555; for more information, e-mail

Photo: Courtesy of Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

Hollywood & Fine: LA-LA Land’s Newest Beauty Addresses


L.A. has long been an enclave for beauty, with its storied movie lots serving up screenstar-caliber primping and priming (and its scalpel-wielding doctors performing all manner of nipping and tucking). But the City of Angels has recently put itself on the map as a destination for new, improved services that meld luxury and convenience. With Drybar and the just-opened Blushington leading the charge, outposts for the latest advances in pampering are popping up all over 90210. Here, our top three new recruits.

The Nail Bar

The Beverly Wilshire—which Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s characters called home in Pretty Woman—is known for its well-earned stench of old Hollywood glamour. But the hotel’s latest addition is hardly a throwback. At the newly opened Nail Bar, guests peruse magazines on sleek iPads and nibble on small plates of beef tataki while aestheticians lacquer tips with polishes from Essie, Chanel, Butter London, and CND’s instant-drying, chip-free Shellac gel-polish crossover. To add to the experience, Champagne is served on a shaded deck with fire pit and cushy flip-flops replace disposable foam thongs so you can properly pad through the intimate white and silver space.

From $50, 9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, (310) 385-7023,

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The World Cup Finals, Beauty Edition


For countless football fans, much of the past month has been spent forgoing sunshine in favor of watching the steady stream of World Cup matches in South Africa on TV. There have been disappointments, triumphs, and nail-biting moments, but most of all, there’s been a whole lot of memorable hair—hippy headbands on Sebastián Abreu of Uruguay, curly man bangs on Carles Puyol of Spain, platinum-dipped Bo Derek-style braids from Bacary Sagna of France, and a retro shag on Georgios Samaras of Greece. As the world gears up for the final between the Netherlands and Spain this weekend—and by gear up we mean grab their respective vuvuzelas and line their stomachs with carbohydrates to absorb all the beer sure to be consumed—we take a look at each country’s beauty exports. May the best-looking country win.

Photo: Courtesy of Barneys; OPI