August 28 2014

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3 posts tagged "Rouge Coco Shine"

A DIY Dark Lip Alternative


While the Spring 2013 shows may have started out a makeup-free, contours- and brow-heavy affair, they are evolving into a more complete beauty picture that does indeed include plenty of lip options—in bright shades of red, coral, and fuchsia—lest the pout enthusiasts among you get discouraged. But in real time, late September 2012 that is, I’m still working off Fall’s mouth mainstays, which skewed overwhelmingly towards a single shade of dark mulberry. I’ve added a few of those to my wardrobe (here is a particularly great recipe for a winning wine-stained smile, should you be in the market), and perhaps unsurprisingly, so has everyone else—which made me diversify, and quick (dare to be different, dear readers). What I came up with was a gray-brown alternative that has its roots in nineties grunge, with a modern twist. Start by lining your lips and filling them in with MAC Lip Pencil in Hodgepodge—a light brown, Charlotte Tilbury favorite that the flame-haired face painter typically uses to draw on faux freckles—and then top that with a slick of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chic for a hint of gloss and a greige finish. It got raves from my peers when I debuted it backstage in New York, less so from a few of the more opinionated men in my life. But no matter; as is the case with most of my more out-of-the-box beauty ideas, I’m pretty sure this one will grow on them with time, too.

Photos: Courtesy Photos

Chic: The Lipstick


The backstage scene at Chanel’s Fall show in March was truly something to behold. Trays of Lesage-embroidered beaded eyebrows aside, creative director of makeup Peter Philips’ table was littered with forthcoming Fall offerings, including an eye shadow/blush hybrid he called Notorious at the time and two shades of nail lacquer in Vertigo, a lilac gray, and Frenzy, a dark asphalt. It was enough to get our mind reeling over what the collection would be called. “Le Hitchcock de Chanel” would be fitting, we thought, although Philips’ significantly simpler Les Essentials de Chanel does have a certain ring to it—especially when you consider its seasonal shade of Rouge Coco Shine. Chic, as the newly launched sheer beige gray bullet is appropriately called, is as essential as it gets. Unlike the gray lipsticks that were a surprise hit at the Fall 2009 shows, this particular iteration is almost entirely transparent, which means it imparts the slightest dark mauve wash over lips and gives them more density and a boat-load of glisten in the process. “It does exactly what you want it to do” is all we could muster while trying to explain its magic to Philips during a recent phone conversation. Somehow, we’re pretty sure he intended it that way.

About A Boy


Around this time last year, Chanel global creative director of makeup Peter Philips launched Rouge Coco, his first full collection for the brand and an attempt to woo women who may have shied away from lipstick in the past. His next trick is Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine, a new range of delicately pigmented, ultra-glossy lipsticks on shelves beginning in April. All 18 shades glide on to leave a sophisticated wash of color while amping up moisture for a sublimely supple pout. As a Valentine’s Day teaser, Philips has decided to release a single bullet from the collection this Thursday, February 10, a natural rose dubbed Boy after Coco’s great love, Arthur “Boy” Capel. Chanel made a career out of raiding her lovers’ closets, and her romance with Boy was particularly influential: He helped set up her Rue Cambon operation, after all. While it’s unlikely that your own significant other will be interested in sharing this slender black and gold tube (although no judgment if he is), he’ll presumably be plenty excited to see the elated expression on your face when you open it on V-Day. (Start dropping hints now.)

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel