August 21 2014

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Orange Crush


Sofia-Coppola-Coral-LipWhen we learned that Sofia Coppola’s attention to detail extended beyond her moviemaking prowess—and into the beauty realm—we developed a whole new level of respect for the director, which is saying something, considering our esteem was already pretty high. After chatting with The Bling Ring‘s makeup department head, Roz Music, it was revealed that Coppola was so in love with a particular shade of discontinued hot-pink Chanel lipstick that she called her friend in France to track down the last remaining tubes of it to use in the film. She seems to devote the same amount of thought to her personal beauty decisions as well. At the movie’s New York premiere last night, Coppola wore a gorgeous dark coral pout perfecter with an all-white ensemble that made us fall in love with the poppy color all over again. While lighter shades of the melon hue can look chalky, sticking to rich, lustrous options, like MAC’s Sweet & Sour and Sushi Kiss from its new All About Orange collection, are easy summer staples. Thoughts on Sofia’s mouth moment?

Photo: Getty Images; Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Stealing Beauty: Behind The Scenes Makeup Secrets From The Bling Ring’s Roz Music


Emma-Watson-Bling-RingGatsby buzz aside, there is another movie premiering at Cannes this week that’s making us wish we were sipping cocktails on La Croisette, the torrential downpours that have been plaguing the Côte d’Azur not withstanding. That’d be The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s new film about a group of celebrity-obsessed teenagers living in Los Angeles who decide, for kicks, to burglarize the homes of Hollywood stars. After raiding the million-dollar designer closets of their victims—including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan—and soaking up fame along the way, the gang is eventually nabbed and brought to justice, sort of. Here’s the most scintillating part: It’s a true story, reported in an article Nancy Jo Sales wrote for Vanity Fair in 2010, and starring Emma Watson in the big-screen adaptation. For more on the ridiculous vanity captured in every scene, caught up with the film’s lead makeup artist, Roz Music, to talk about tramp stamps, weekly spray tans, and the discontinued Chanel lipstick that Coppola flew in from Paris in order to get the perfect pink for a single scene.


How did you get involved with The Bling Ring?
Sofia and I are old friends, I had heard she was doing this movie, and I hoped—and suspected—she would ask me to do the makeup. Especially since it was shot in my hometown [Los Angeles].


How much of the makeup look was inspired by the actual teenagers who the film is based on?
Very little. There are a million kids out here in L.A. that look like the main characters. It’s a very particular style. I just took my camera out and Instagrammed for days, taking pictures of kids in their natural environment. I didn’t want Teen Vogue‘s version of how their closet would look. I wanted to see real kids doing their own thing. So I took a million pictures and that was my research.


So how, exactly, would you describe that rich-kid-L.A. look?
It’s like kids who are trying to look older than they are. They’re sixteen, but with the hairstyles and shoes of a 30-year-old. They’ve got short shorts and high, high heels. Some of the stuff was outrageous. I mean, they’re indulgent, bratty teenagers.


Considering her previous reputation as a do-gooding wizard, how did you go about turning Emma Watson into an “indulgent, bratty teenager”?
Well, we gave her a tramp-stamp tattoo! Emma’s character is one of those spiritual people who wants to express it on the outside—as in, she does yoga and talks about it all the time. She’s an eye-roll-y character. We wanted the tattoo to be an expression of that, so we went with a lotus flower.


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A Glimpse Inside the Mind—and Makeup—of Charles Swan III


Writer and director Roman Coppola’s new film, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, tells the story of an extravagant and reckless artist who sets himself out on a path of destruction—both imagined and real—after his girlfriend breaks up with him. In an interesting casting choice, Charlie Sheen stars in the title role, which would have been reason enough for us to go see the film that co-stars Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette, and Aubrey Plaza, with a cameo from model Angela Lindvall. But there is something else that will likely draw us to the theater when the movie opens tomorrow night, predicted blizzard not withstanding: Set in the seventies, with occasional costuming nods to the thirties, the film’s beauty look is something worth putting on snow boots for. Citing the era’s icons, like Anjelica Huston and Marisa Berenson, as inspiration, as well as the photography of legendary lensmen like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, lead makeup artist Roz Music stocked her kit with six-plus different red lipsticks, one purposefully thick mascara, and a few blue eye shadows to keep things interesting. Here, Music talks on-set application tips, color choices, and what it was like working with Sheen—who, she notes, was a consummate professional. Winning.

So how do you even begin researching the makeup for something like this?
The director didn’t want it to be from a set period, so it’s a bit vague. But when we were doing all our reference photos, we were going 1973 or 1974. That was the main period, but it wasn’t strict.

What kind of direction did you get from Roman?
I have worked with Roman before, worked on music videos and commercials, and we’re also friends. He hires people that he thinks can do a job, and then he lets you do your job, lets you express your thing. He expects a lot and is very collaborative. Roman showed me reference pictures of Anjelica Huston, Marisa Berenson, Faye Dunaway—iconic sexy women, and also supermodels of the day. I looked at French and Italian Vogue from the mid-seventies and early seventies. At times, especially in the party scene, we did a seventies interpretation of the thirties. Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin were reference points; we were obsessed with those books. Roman owns Guy pictures, he’s crazy for him—that very juicy red lip and lots of blush was so Guy Bourdin. Most male directors don’t like makeup, but Roman really likes red lipstick, and every woman practically has on red lipstick at one point in the film. He loves that look—the red lipstick and blush—the typical fantasy woman from when he was a kid.

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